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Types of Replacement Auto Glass: What Option is the Best for you Vehicle?

Having clear, strong, chip and crack-free auto glass is an incredibly underestimated aspect of overall vehicle safety. Knowing about the auto glass replacement process makes it easier to plan for, be apart of and understand the process of how the replacements are done, so you can feel confident with the service you have received. Involve yourself with the process and be in control of your own safety!

Dealer Parts

As you would expect, this form of auto glass replacement is done with glass created by the manufacturer of the car at hand. Since these replacement glasses have been imported from the manufacturer of the specific car, they will match the exact specifications of your cars make and model, offering the highest level of quality. The glass fits perfectly and is delivered with all original parts, often times adding in attachments for camera mounts, heating grids, rain sensors, and more. With all these upgrades and benefits, it only makes sense that the price is going to be higher than other options. The dealer provided glass is always the most expensive fix.

Aftermarket –  Original Equipment Manufacturer

Aftermarket auto glass replacements are made with parts that are tailored to fit the exact standards of the car at hand, although they are not made by the manufacturer themselves. With the standards meeting that of the manufacturer, the windshields are able to be supplied to larger companies. They are almost identical to those of the dealers, they also come with attachment pins for things like camera mounts, heating grids and more, but they do not come with the trademark of being from the dealer.

The benefit of using an aftermarket supplier is that they are able to match the existing tints or colors of the rest of the glass on your car. The only major difference between dealer made auto glass and the aftermarket supplied glass is the attachment hardware. The attachment parts used in aftermarket glass aren’t from the dealer, they are made third-party but never compromise quality in the process. They go through strict quality control tests and are made to fit the exact make and model of the car.

Aftermarket glass tends to be cheaper than glass that comes straight from the dealer. It is the best choice when looking for a glass that is suitable and more affordable than dealer parts.

Generic Glass

Generic glass is the cheapest option on this list and whilst generic glass is still reliable when it comes to the overall safety of your vehicle, it’s quality is not up to par with dealer and aftermarket glass. It says it all in the name, the generic replacements are not intended to measure exactly to the specifications of the make and model of your car. Generic glass is a great option if you have an older vehicle on its last leg or for the warmer seasons where harsh elements are not as prominent. Whilst you are not giving up safety, you are giving up some of the higher quality that comes with dealer and aftermarket glass. Generic glass does have the upper hand, however, when it comes to price. Typically, generic glass is the cheapest option, so if you are on a tight budget, generic is the way to go.

Looking to replace your worn out auto glass? Contact us today and we will ensure you drive away with confidence, comfort, and quality!

Car Maintenance: Honda and Toyota Edition

For car owners, part of having a vehicle is also paying for the maintenance and check ups because as long as cars can last, they require inspection/fixes from time to time to ensure they are working properly. Having check ups can often lead to fixing issues you were unaware of, such as internal problems that cannot be seen to the human eye, or issues you knew existed but did not care to fix, such as cracks in your windshield.

Although these seem like minor issues, since you are able to drive without anything going wrong, this is not true. Windshield issues are one of the most important things that you should have addressed immediately — mainly because they contribute to bigger accidents in the long run. For example, one of the main functions of your windshield is that it is able to protect your airbag deployment when your car is in a collision. Without a fully functioning windshield, it could provide more harm than safety for you and your passengers.

Keep reading to learn about car maintenance, specifically in windshield repairs, and how Japanese-made cars are both reliable and more affordable when it comes to maintenance.

Why is Car Maintenance Important?

As highlighted before, lack of car maintenance check ups result in issues that you were unaware of being ignored. With annual or even bi-annual checkups, you are able to mitigate these issues. Often, your car will indicate with lit up icons that communicate to you that there is an issue whether that be with the tire pressure, need of an oil change, need of gas, etc.

When it comes to the windshield issues, those incidents may be clear to drivers but they choose not to fix that as it seems less important. However, windshields are integral to the vehicles mobility. Beyond assisting with airbag deployment, it protects the driver and passengers within the vehicle.

Windshield Repairs

Usually windshield repairs and replacements are quick and easy repairs. Pending on the incident, you may need to opt for a replacement rather than just a repair from the auto glass technicians. You will find that small cracks that look minor actually contribute a lot to the windshield’s stability and strength, equal to larger sized cracks, which is why they need to be fixed immediately.

When it comes to windshield repairs and replacements for japanese cars such as Hondas and Toyotas, the costs come up to be cheaper. These cars are inexpensive when it comes to the purchasing price and the maintenance costs. For example, in comparison to a BMW, windshield replacements would cost a significant amount of money higher. Since this is the case, it becomes more accessible when it comes to maintenance and repairs for these types of cars.


Beyond the fact that japanese cars have cheaper maintenance costs, Wizard Auto Glass also provides a fair and affordable price quote for windshield repairs and replacements which allows for affordable and quality car care. Although some drivers may find repairs to be costly, thus avoiding them, they do not cost as much in comparison to if the windshield causes a more dangerous and costly problem.

When it comes to your vehicle, put your best foot forward and ensure that its taken care of. Whether you are looking for a more cost-friendly option, such as japanese vehicles, or those on the higher end, maintenance is still important. Call Wizards Auto Glass today for a checkup.

Parking Hazards you Didn’t Think of

The windshield and auto glass of your car acts as a protective layer that allows you to safely drive even in bad weather conditions or hazardous environments. As a driver, you are taught to navigate slowly and with caution in these areas so that your auto glass does not easily get damaged.

However, even with parking there are things to be aware of. Many auto glass repairs throughout the year are due to falling objects onto a car which blasts out the glass. When it comes to falling objects while your car is parked, the impact can be large. If this is a case you are in, get your auto glass and windshield repaired at an affordable cost so that you can get back on the road safely.

Keep reading to learn of the parking hazards that you may not have thought of and how you can avoid them to increase the safety of your auto glass:

Falling Ice and Snow: A Winter Hazard

During the colder months of the year, the weather can get brutal with snowstorms and frozen ice. No matter where you drive or how safe you drive, you’re bound to get hit with snow and ice, especially when you’re parked near a slanted roof of a building.

For these types of weather, we recommend finding indoor parking — whether that be underground parking or house garage parking, it is beneficial to your vehicle in the long-run because even if the first impact hit of an icicle does not make a dent, the second or third time might.

Tall Trees

This might seem like a random choice to not park next to but tall trees actually contribute to a number hazards. In general, people like to park next to trees for the shade on sunny days and prefer their car not to heat up as much. However, with tall trees, the branches on it may become unstable and hit your vehicle from a longer distance. There are also certain types of trees that have sap that can damage a vehicle’s paint job.

Overall, this is more about observation than anything else as there are trees that are stable. Factoring in weather conditions, often some trees will look like they are about to collapse, which is why parking near those would be hazardous. If you have trees in your driveway at home, ensure that any loose branches are cut off so that you do not have to worry about this being a concern.

Construction Sites

Just like how driving near a construction site requires focus and cautiousness, parking near one does too! This is quite obvious as construction and home improvement sites will have many falling tools, paint buckets, ladders, and equipment that will surely make a dent if it falls on your car. If you see an environment like this, choose to park somewhere else so you can avoid these accidents.

Road Trip Stops

Often when people go on road trips in their cars, they take pit stops at scenic routes or take a nap in their car before continuing their driving journey. A common occurrence is when someone takes the opportunity to stand on the hood of their car so they can be elevated to a building or tree of some sort. This is incredibly dangerous as your car is not made to hold a person trying to climb. In addition, you may hurt yourself in the process as you can fall and crack your windshield or auto glass. When it comes to situations like these, be proactive and use a ladder or step stool rather than your car.


The windshield and auto glass of your car are important for passenger and driver safety. By neglecting to be proactive and to take care of it, you will harm everyone in the vehicle. When it comes to parking (even when your car is not in motion) weather, external factors, and decision-making can play a huge role in what happens to your vehicle.

Take the precautions that we have laid out and ensure that you are using these tips to your advantage to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Does your vehicle have an auto glass or windshield accident that needs to be repaired? Contact our team for an affordable quote so that you can get it fixed and get back on the road!

Windshields: When and Why to Repair

When it comes to your vehicle, the safety aspect is obviously one of the main factors. The auto glass and windshield of the car makes up part of the framework of the vehicle and when damaged, it poses a threat to the passengers and drivers.

Many drivers don’t realize that their auto glass components are damaged or ignore the small cracks that they do notice. When it comes to any type of damage, small or big, your windshield requires a repair to be done. With companies like Wizard auto glass, you are able to obtain an affordable repair quote while getting top quality windshield service done.

Learn about why damages happen, when they do, and why you should repair as soon as you notice them.  

Why do Windshield Damages Happen?

Multiple reasons come up that can affect the windshield and auto glass of your vehicle. Depending on the season and the environment that you drive in, you may be prone to some factors more than others.

Construction work and heavy weather conditions definitely play a huge role in these incidents as heavy chunks of hail and debris from the road often find themselves damaging the auto glass. Without careful driving during these conditions and in those environments, incidents happen quite often.

Without noticing, sometimes chips will form from small contacts with debris that do not form cracks. Over time, it can split into a pattern of tiny chips which then grows into a larger problem. If noticed earlier on, they can be fixed with minor costs, thus avoiding big replacements or repairs.

Why do Windshield Cracks Spread?

If small chips turn into minor cracks into auto glass and windshields, they will also continue to spread if not fixed immediately. There are two common reasons for this: mother nature and normal wear and tear of the material.

A windshield is naturally able to withstand debris and light contact with other objects, but when there are chips or even cracks that have appeared on the auto glass, it becomes much more susceptible to damage. Especially since glass contracts and expands in different temperature ranges, the weather plays a huge role in that. Mother nature and its wind, rain, and sun, assists with the expanding and contracting of the glass. When this happens, and cracks already exist in the glass, it leads to more damage.

In addition to that, large winds can pick up debris that can either increase the cracks that are in the auto glass or it can get lodged in the crack. If this happens, covering it up with tape until you get it to an auto glass repair centre would be ideal.

Cracks also tend to get bigger because of nature causes. When you’re driving over speed bumps or uneven roads with potholes, shutting your door a little too quickly, or hitting your brakes too hard, that can have an impact on your auto glass. If there is a significant crack, it will leave a negative effect. These are regular occurrences on the road which is why having a compromised windshield makes it more difficult to drive normally.

When do you Repair?

Based on all of these situations, repairing immediately is the ideal solution. Anytime that you notice a chip or a crack is reason to get it fixed. Reason being, with weather factors and normal driving already becoming hazardous to an already compromised windshield, you should not wait for it to get worse.

See a crack in your windshield? Contact our team to get an affordable repair quote and get back on the road as soon as possible!

Auto Glass Technicians

With how-to kits for auto glass replacements at department stores, what is the importance of going to have your vehicle serviced? The truth is, it makes a huge difference as auto glass technicians are trained and certified. When you work with technicians that have the knowledge and experience, your vehicle is then in good hands.

They are taught the specifics of how to install and replace auto glass. With damages to your windshield, you could be putting your passengers and you at risk when on the road. If you do not reach out to certified technicians to fix the problem, the problem may get bigger.

Learn about the training and methods that auto glass technicians go to before repairing and replacing your auto glass so that you understand the necessity of their experience.

Extensive Training

Before becoming an auto glass technician, potential students must obtain their high school diploma or their GED. They are then able to apply for an apprenticeship, duration of 1-2 years, which provides extensive training for industry specific skills and standards. This includes safety regulations, repairing heater grids, the process of removing and installing glass, and the detailing of vehicles. With the amount of hands-on training they obtain, they have the necessary experience to perfect their skills before advancing to the workplace.

Installing Auto Glass

Auto glass technicians deal mostly with repairing or replacing auto glass, whether this be windshields or car windows. Since they are highly trained in this area, many insurance companies will cover the costs associated as long as the technician is a certified professional. Their training and experience makes them qualified to do the job. Thus, when you are looking for a replacement or repair, finding a certified auto glass technician will help you in saving money.

Weatherproofing your Auto Glass

When it comes to withstanding any type of weather condition, ensuring that your car is weatherproofed is important. Technicians are trained to complete a chemical treatment onto your auto glass to protect it from any rain or snow damage. This is important especially in cities such as Brampton, where the weather is constantly changing.

Looking for auto glass services? Find one of our certified auto glass technicians to do any replacements or repairs for your broken windshields today.

Common Causes of Windshield Cracks

Windshields are one of the most important components of a car. Their function goes beyond being a transparent barrier between the road and you- they assist with airbag function, passenger protection, and protect you from harmful sun rays.

Cracked Windshield

When they are damaged or cracked, they are unable to assist in the aforementioned functions and they actually pose as a danger for both drivers and passengers. This can result in more significant accidents on the road, glass shards hurting those in the vehicle, and without assistance in airbag deployment, it creates more of a threat if a crash were to occur. This showcases how important it is to get your windshield repaired as soon as it is damaged.

Keep reading to learn some of the common causes of these windshield cracks and take note of them so  if you are in these situations, you know to check your windshield thoroughly afterwards.

Hail Storms

Although hail storms are not a common occurrence, they do happen a couple times a year. Hail can range from small droplets to the size of a coin. Even droplets the size of half a nickel can have substantial damage to your windshield, which may lead to serious cracks. When these storms happen, the best way to avoid windshield damages is to put your car underneath a shelter or a garage.

High Winds

Small winds may not affect your vehicle as they are built to withstand strong weather conditions but strong winds of 90 km/h can pick up debris and dust that can have serious impacts on your windshield. With an experience like recently, where the wind was breaking down trees, it is an expected situation. Ensure you check your vehicle after the wind passes and even if there are small damages, getting a repair or replacement is beneficial to your safety.

Summer Temperatures

On the other hand, as we transition to warmer months, the sunlight and heat can also have effects on your windshield. In 30-40 degrees weather, it is common to have glass defects as the heat will cause the glass edges to expand. They start cracking from the frame and begin to damage more towards the centre if not changed immediately.

Previous Installation

The last common cause is due to faulty installations done previously. Depending on the service you get, you might have a technician-in-training who ordered the wrong windshield or neglected to ensure the glass was secured by the framework. To prevent this issue, the best way is to look for reputable and experienced services that will provide excellent service.

Are you looking for a windshield replacement service? Contact our highly qualified team in Mississauga to book a consultation!


Road Hazards to Watch Out for this Fall & How to Avoid Damage

Windshield hazards often cannot be stopped but there are things you can do in order to prevent it from happening. From the flaming heat in summer to the debris on the roads in the winter, there are many threats existing that can harm your vehicle. The risks during the fall season may be a little different than the rest of the year but it can harm your car just as much. Depending on the damage they cause, you might have to bring your car in for an auto glass replacement in Mississauga. Here’s what you should look out for when driving, and see how replacing your windshield ultimately keeps you safe:

Acorns and Nuts

You may think that acorns and nuts are something you shouldn’t be worried about, but they can definitely cause some serious damage. If a larger nut hits your windshield, it may be able to cause a crack on the windshield, presenting the need for an auto glass replacement, especially if the crack lands along your line of sight.

They can also happen to fall on your car when you drive underneath trees. The increased speed of your vehicle including impact of the nut can cause a greater damage on your car’s auto glass. Ways to avoid this from happening can be parking in an indoor parking lot and be careful when you are driving under trees. Having a better awareness of what is going around you can keep unnecessary accidents from happening.

Rocks and Debris

Rocks and debris that come flying at drivers’ windshields are common throughout the year, but they’re even more common during the fall season. If a small rock or some debris land on your windshield while driving, these can cause chips and cracks which need to be repaired.

Also, during this season people tend to carry fallen branches, rocks, leaves, and other debris in the backs of trucks to dispose of during their fall cleanups. They often fly out of the vehicle without the driver even noticing and having these fall on your windshield could often damage your vehicle severely, often requiring an auto glass replacement.

This can be avoided by leaving a safe amount of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Cleaning roadside garbage is also another way to limit these roadside threats from happening.

Extreme Temperature Changes  

With the fall comes the drop in temperature, which can also affect your car’s auto glass, especially if it already has an existing crack.

Fall temperatures often range from cool to warm weather that changes throughout the day. Expansions and contraction occurring can cause it to worsen the condition of the crack. The best and quickest solution is to get your auto glass replaced right away before the damage grows. This can save your valuable time, money and any unnecessary hassle.

Taking these safety measures can ensure the safety of you and your car. Sometimes having an auto replacement is the most effective way of solving your problems.

Wizard Auto Glass in Mississauga can provide the solutions to all the possible damages your car may sustain this season. Call us at (905) 891-1414 to learn more and book your auto glass replacement now!

4 Facts You Need to Know About Windshield Repair


A damaged windshield is dangerous for multiple reasons. It can impair the driver’s vision, and can endanger everyone in the car during an accident. The windshield can take up to 60% of the car’s weight in the event of a rollover, and a crack or chip can easily compromise the windshield’s structural integrity. When you notice damage on your windshield, call Wizard Auto Glass in Oakville. With the help of our expert mobile windshield repair experts, you can be safely back on the road quickly. Below are 4 important windshield repair facts you need to know.

Different Types of Damage

It’s important to understand exactly how your windshield is damaged. Try to find out exactly what kind of service you require, so you can avoid being charged for services you don’t need by unreliable windshield repair shops in Oakville. By examining your windshield and doing some research, you can determine if you have a chip, crack, or a pit, and whether you need a simple repair or a full replacement.

Safety is Paramount

Your windshield is an important safety feature in your car. It keeps you and your passengers safe in case of an accident, so it’s important to repair or replace it with skill and expertise and high quality material. Wizard Auto Glass in Oakville can send its windshield experts and high quality materials to you, wherever you are, with its mobile services, so you can get back on the road quickly.

Trust the Experts

Repairing or replacing your auto glass without the proper equipment, and experience, can be dangerous. As experts in the Oakville area, we’ve seen first hand the damage that an untrained hand can do to a windshield, often leading to a much higher cost than if the work had been done by experts to begin with. It can seem cost effective to attempt windshield repair on your own, but it’s bound to cost you more in the end. Trust the experts at Wizard Auto Glass to get your windshield back in top condition, and give you peace of mind.

Use High Quality Materials

Repairing a windshield involves using a urethane adhesive to seal damage, making chips and cracks virtually invisible and preventing them from spreading. The higher the quality of the adhesive, the more successful the repair. The best adhesives available in Oakville might cost more, but they are certified to meet crash test criteria, and often dry much more quickly. Less reputable auto glass repair shops may use cheaper adhesives to increase profits, but at Wizard Auto Glass, we use only the highest quality materials.

Make sure to also use the best materials when getting a windshield replacement in Oakville. Wizard Auto Glass uses only the best aftermarket windshields for replacements, which are as good as, if not better than, manufacturer windshields, while costing less.

Get back out on the road safely and quickly with peace of mind, with windshield repair from Wizard Auto Glass. Call us at (905) 891-1414 to learn more, and book a mobile repair now!

How to Decide Between Windshield Repair & Replacement-

Driving a car with a broken windshield is dangerous, so call Wizard Auto Glass when you notice any damage, and our mobile windshield repair services can get yo you, wherever you are. Below, you can find three important deciding factors that can help you determine whether your Japanese car’s windshield needs repair, or replacement.


The size of the windshield’s damage is the first indicator of whether it needs repair or replacement in Oakville. A Japanese car’s chipped windshield can be easily repaired on the spot if the chip is smaller than a quarter. A crack can also be repaired on the spot easily if it’s shorter than 3 inches. Larger windshield chips and cracks can also be repaired, though perhaps not as simply. For example, a repair can be sufficient for cracks up to 14 inches long, depending on the location and depth of the windshield damage.

Chips, pits, bulls-eyes, and all forms of windshield damage have different size limits on repairability, also dependable on depth and location. With Wizard Auto Glass’s quick and efficient services in Oakville, your Japanese car can be safely back on the road with a windshield that looks better than new!


Windshield damage is always becoming easier to repair in Oakville, as technology improves. Repairability is, however highly dependant on the location of the damage on the windshield. In case of a rollover, the windshield takes on a huge amount of the car’s weight, and any damage that compromises its weight tolerance will require the whole windshield to be replaced, for obvious safety reasons. A windshield’s structural integrity is often compromised, and requires replacement, if the damage reaches the outer edges of the windshield. Your Japanese car’s windshield can be skillfully replaced by the experts at Wizard Auto Glass, to keep you and your passengers safe.

Another case in which replacement is required is when the damage is located in the driver’s line of site. Repair can leave a small area of distortion on the windshield, which can impair the driver’s ability see the road, so replacements are often recommended in these cases. Replacements may also be recommended if the damage is located in an area of the windshield which affects sensors that control features like lane departure warnings. Wizard Auto Glass in Oakville can get your windshield back in top condition, so you can drive with peace of mind.


Last but not least, depth is another deciding factor in determining whether your Japanese car’s windshield requires replacement or repair. A windshield is made up of a layer of plastic in between two layers of glass. When damage is deep enough to penetrate both layers of glass, replacement is required, whereas if the damage only penetrates the first glass layer, a repair is more likely to be recommended. Wizard Auto Glass can make sure your windshield is in perfect condition wherever you are, with quick mobile services.

Get peace of mind with a new or repaired windshield. Call Wizard Auto Glass at (905) 891-1414 and get back on the road safely with our quick and efficient mobile services.

4 Common Windshield Repair Myths Busted

Your vehicle’s windshield is susceptible to all sorts of damage in Oakville, but it’s usually easily repairable at a low cost. In fact, many drivers get their windshields unnecessarily replaced at a higher cost. Avoid buying a brand new windshield when you don’t need one. At Wizard Auto Glass in Oakville, we offer chip repairs at competitive costs, and we even offer mobile repair services, so our expert technicians can come to you! Below are 4 common myths about windshield repair and replacements:

Manufacturer Windshields

A common windshield repair myth in Oakville is that manufacturer windshields are better than aftermarket windshields. This simply isn’t true. In many cases, aftermarket windshields improve on the manufacturer windshield’s faults, making them a safer and better option. Aftermarket windshields also come at a much smaller cost, as a result of their smaller brand names.


Windshields are a part of the vehicle’s safety equipment

Drivers in Oakville often don’t account for the role that their windshield plays in the overall safety of the car. In case of emergencies, the windshield protects the driver and passengers from projectiles outside of the vehicle, and it can keep the driver and passengers inside the vehicle during an accident. The windshield also helps to protect the passengers from being crushed under the roof when a car flips over. Putting off a windshield repair can cost a lot more than getting it done as soon as possible.


Driving right after a replacement

Many people walk into an auto glass shop to get their windshield replaced, unaware that they can’t drive away immediately after the procedure. A new windshield is secured by an adhesive that can sometimes take more than 24 hours to set. Driving the car immediately after the new windshield is glued on can cause the windshield to shift and leave it unsecured when the adhesive dries. This often leads to leaks which often result in poor weather control, and can also lead to even more costly repairs.


You could get your windshield replaced anywhere

Drivers in Oakville often incorrectly believe that it’s mandatory to take their car to their insurance company’s preferred auto glass shop. The owner of a vehicle can get their windshield repaired where they feel comfortable, at a lower cost which they feel comfortable with. Whether the insurance provider will provide coverage will depend on their policy, and many are reasonable and will allow you to take your vehicle wherever you see fit.

Looking repair your windshield in Oakville at the most affordable cost? Call Wizard Auto Glass at (905) 891-1414 and book a windshield repair or replacement.