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Acquisition of IGD industries Auto Glass Replacement and Repair

Berlon US has acquired the assets of IGD Auto Glass Repair and Replacement. The businesses which Berlon US have also acquired as part of the deal include Auto Glass Centre Inc, Auto Glass centre of Kansas Inc, Arnie’s Auto Glass Centre, Glass Installations Inc(DBA Midwest Auto Glass Centre) , JC’s Glass LLC, Globe of Iowa LLC (DBA Nationwide Autoglass), and Alliance Claims Solutions Inc. The deal was announced on September 23 and was completed on September 30. Berlon US now has a total of over 9000 employees.

The acquisition brings together two companies that complement each other very well, said Belron US president & CEO, Tom Feeney.

Beron is the world’s largest auto glass repair replacement company. They have more than 22,000 employees in 31 countries worldwide.

Berlon US is a subsidiary of Berlon, which is a vehicle glass and claims management service organization. They are based in Columbus, Ohio. The company was founded in 1947, and they are comprised of Safelite AutoGlass, Auto Glass Specialists, Cindy Rowe Auto Glass, Diamond Triumph Glass, Elite Auto Glass, Safelite Solutions, Service Autoglass, and Safelite Glass Corp.

IGD industries (formerly Iowa Glass) is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and was founded in 1946. Their operations include Auto Glass Centre and Alliance Claims Solutions.

Until this deal was closed, both Berlon and IGD operated as separate business entities and competitors.

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The Nascar Windshield

One of the worlds most dangerous sports is believed by many to be
Nascar racing. Many racers have died throughout the years due to
violent crashes that take place almost every race.

In order to keep the drivers of these super fast cars as safe as
possible, Nascar manufacturers such as Toyota and Ford are developing
new technologies that will protect drivers in almost any accident.

One of the very important parts of the Nascar is the windshield. The
windshield encompases a very large portion of the Nascar, and could be
the determining factor of life and death in a serious Nascar crash. In
a race many object become airborn and hit the windshields. Objects
such as tires, rocks and other parts of the competing vehicles may
come at very rapid speeds and it is the windshields job to prvent
these objects from hitting the driver.

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In order for the windshield to prevent such large, fast moving objects
from destroying the windshield and injuring the driver the windshield
has to be able to absorb the hit. The Nascar windshield is made from a
material called Lexan, which is a polycarbonate material. This durable
material is used in many of today’s army helicopters and airplanes.
Lexan is a soft material and therefore when an object hits a Lexan
windshield the windshield does not shatter but instead the object
becomes imbedded into the windshield. If the windshield of the Nascar
was not made of this soft type material, but instead was regular auto
glass, the Nascar windshield would shatter and injure the driver.

One major drawback of Nascar windshields is that after each race they
are damaged, since even small pebbles get stuck in it. In order to cut
costs some Nascar teams apply an adhesive film to the windshield and
after every race they replace it with a new one, unless the windshield
must be replaced due to extreme damage.