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Common But Costly Windshield Replacement Misconceptions

There are many things about windshield replacement that the average person isn’t informed about. Information about safety and insurance shouldn’t be taken for granted so read on to learn about common misconceptions that people often fall for.

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You can drive safely in your vehicle right after your windshield has been replaced.

The short answer is no. It’s possible that the windshield can come loose mid-drive right after getting your windshield replaced. The adhesives that are holding your windshield to your frame need time to set. The time it takes to set can vary depending on the car and adhesive, so ask the auto glass shop how long you should wait until it’s safe to drive again. Additionally, weather conditions can determine how long it takes for the adhesive to set. Warmer and wetter conditions will speed up the process while drier and colder conditions will do the opposite.

If you make a claim with your insurance company, your rates will increase.

Nope. Most windshield damages happen due to small rocks that fly onto your windshield on highways. Since these incidents can not be controlled by you, they fall under comprehensive insurance or “acts of nature”. Usually, your rates will not go up in these circumstances since they are not related to how you drive. Other comprehensive claims can be vandalism or theft. Only a small part of your insurance bill should be for comprehensive loss risk.

To get your windshield replaced, you must go wherever your insurance company tells you to go.

Not true. You have the right to go to any glass shop by law, as long as it is someone who is insured. The insurance company can not influence your choice to go to a specific place as a condition for your payment. If you have comprehensive insurance, calling around may be of no use since the price may already be negotiated with your insurance company. If you don’t have any coverage, be sure to get a hard copy estimate to avoid bait and switch tactics by other glass shops.

Your windshield isn’t included in the safety equipment of your vehicle.

Nope. Your windshield is regarded by many engineers as a safety feature to prevent ejection from the vehicle in the case of a collision. It also holds up the roof of the car and helps airbags deploy properly. A faulty windshield is ineffective at protecting the riders inside the car and can be life threatening.

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