Common Sunroof Problems Faced By Drivers

Summer cruising is a lot more fun when you can open up the sunroof of your car without a glitch and let in the refreshing breeze. However, if the sunroof happens to be cracked or chipped, or gets stuck when you try to open or close it, this can all turn into a nightmare in a matter of seconds, especially if it starts to rain. You don’t have to put your spree of summer fun on the back burner just because your car’s sunroof has stopped working or become cracked. Instead, look for nearby car sunroof repair professionals who can fix any crack, chip or any other issue your sunroof has, at a competitive price. It’s critical to address these issues in a timely manner before they spread to become unrepairable, or assuming the worst-case scenario, the glass will shatter right there on seats, putting you and other car occupants in the way of grave injuries.         

Whether or not you are a car cognoscente, it’s good to arm yourself with essential knowledge about car sunroofs (if you drive a car). Doing so will help you get a gist of what you are dealing with whenever a sunroof related issue happens to crop up.        

Types of the car sunroof

In terms of installation method, car sunroofs come in 2 types: external and internal. The internal panels are fitted right between the headliner and metal skin of roof, drawing back into a hidden pocket. External sunroofs sit on the top of car’s roof, retracting on the tracks built on the roof. There are also fixed sunroofs (also known as pop-up sunroofs) available that are dedicatedly designed to let in more sunlight. They feature a glass panel that tilts upward on the hinge to provide ventilation. The tilting action can be electric or manual. Many car models also come with spoiler sunroofs that combine sliding and pop-up actions together.

Common problems

Most car owners come across three types of issues when it comes to sunroofs: mechanical; sticking, twisting or popping sunroof; and inoperable sunroof.

Sticking and popping sunroofs: Oftentimes these issues arise due to lubrication problems and can be resolved simply through greasing the tracks; heavy silicone grease is effective in freeing up the stuck sunroofs and avert wear. Another reason for stuck sunroof is broken or worn cables, which is a bit out of the do-it-yourself realm, so it’s better left to the professionals.

 Mechanical problems: Loose or broken glass are two most common mechanical car sunroof problems encountered by car owners. In such cases, it’s recommended to replace the glass, and if the extent of damage is within repairable limits, one can do it through nuts and bolts. For urethane-adhesive sunroofs, it would be best to visit a local sunroof glass repair workshop.

Inoperable sunroofs: Electric problems such as dead motor or switch, broken wire, or blown fuse could be the origin of an inoperable sunroof. The first step should always be to check the fuses, proceeding with whatever you can easily access. It is a bit difficult to access the sunroof motor, though some automakers install them behind the overhead consoles, making it easier for you to remove them. Again, since even a small confusion can lead to bigger problems, you might want to consult professionals to repair your stuck sunroof.

Car sunroof maintenance tips

Proper maintenance and care of sunroof are extremely important to ensure its longevity and preserve its appearance. Thanks to modern technology and materials, car sunroofs today come with a guarantee of facilitating years of trouble-free operation. The problems with sunroof often stem from our habitual negligence to proper maintenance, so this is where we should start from. Keep your car’s sunroof looking like new by thoroughly cleaning it inside out using glass cleaner and mild detergent.

Get rid of wax buildup on the metal frame on the top of your car’s sunroof by using mild detergent and old toothbrush. Regularly lubricate the inner side of sliding rails to ensure effortlessly gliding sunroof, and clean the tracks as well (in case of the power-operated sunroof). Clean the rubber gasket which seals the sunroof using a mild detergent and lint-free cloth. Check regularly the mounting hardware (in case of manually operated sunroofs) to ensure it is not exposed.

Whether the sunroof is aftermarket or factory installed, preventive maintenance and regular care will certainly help you keep enjoying that serene, exhilarating feeling of fresh air which only a sunroof can impart.

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