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Easy Methods to Protect Your Windshield During Fall

A car’s windshield is equipped with safety features to ensure a safe and smooth drive. Firstly, it provides you and the passengers safety from extreme weather conditions and insects on the road. Secondly, it provides a firm stability to the body frame of your car. As on average, you drive 4 times a day and encounter many potentially risky road and weather conditions, it’s up to your windshield to offer maximum protection and a clear view of the road. Here’s how you can ensure that it stays in tip-top shape, including proper cleaning and a windshield repair.

Cleaning and Wipers

When cleaning your windshield and wipers, it’s important to not use any chemical heavy cleaner. Acidic products such as ammonia-based chemicals applied on the windshield may damage the window tint.

Before you begin the cleaning process, you must thoroughly inspect the windshield for any visible damages. It is also recommended to check for any external damages on the windshield wiper. As your wipers often apply contact on your windshield, it may lead to many unnecessary scratches if the wipers are not functioning the way they’re supposed to.

Easy ways to protect your windshield

There are many things that we have no control over, such as the unexpected weather conditions in which you may be required to drive under. However we can do things that can protect our windshield when we encounter such situations.

For instance, the vibration caused by slamming your car door can have a negative effect as it can loosen the window over time and you may end up getting it cracked if this happens repeatedly, so avoid banging doors.

You should also keep a safe distance between the car in front of you. In the event that a rock chip comes in touch with your vehicle, get your windshield repaired as soon as possible by local windshield repair experts in Brampton. A rock chip repair is way more economic friendly and saves a lot of your time compared to getting your whole windshield replaced because you put off the repair for too long.

How to deal with Cold and Warm Temperature

Temperature changes can also cause a lot of stress in your windshield. The cold air from the outside meeting with the hot air inside can put a lot of stress on auto glass. It is recommended to replace your windshield immediately, but for some reasons you aren’t able to do so, here are a few easy methods that you can help your windshield from suffering from any additional stress. Firstly, do not turn on your car’s heater immediately after entering the vehicle and also try your best to find a more temperature-controlled parking space, such as indoor parking if available.

If you have any problems with your auto glass, get it repaired right away before it’s too late. Call Auto Glass Wizard at (905) 891-1414 to get your windshield repaired in Brampton in just a swift second!