Ford’s New Vehicle Will Force you to Drive the Speed Limit

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When it comes to buying a new vehicle consumers are most concerned with safety ratings and reports. They want to ensure they and their families are going to be protected as much as possible in the event of a collision.

Ford is introducing a new car that will force drivers to obey the speed limits at all times. The cars will scan the speed limit signs and will then disallow the driver to go beyond the set limit for any given road or highway. This car will be released in Europe first and is named the Ford S- Max.

The camera will be on the windshield and when the car enters a 20mph territory the car decreases the top speed to co-ordinate. Instead of simply implementing automatic braking, the car will cap its velocity by altering the level of fuel being sent to the engine.

One of the first concerns of this new feature on the vehicle was regarding speeding up to get out of the way of an accident or vehicle moving over. The driver is able to deactivate the speed control system by touching a button on the console. They will be able to override the system for a brief period of time.

For extended safety features on the Ford, drivers may also choose to have pedestrian detection and collision warnings. Pedestrian detection provides automatic braking in the event that someone is walking, running, or biking in front of your vehicle. 

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