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Taking Care of Your Windshield this Summer

The summer heat presents quite a few dangers to your windshield, making it susceptible to cracks and breaking, especially if it’s already chipped. Here are 5 tips for protecting your car’s auto glass this summer, starting with a mobile auto glass repair in Brampton to safely send you on your way.

Ways to Take Care of Your Windshield this Summer

Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Get chips repaired right away! The smallest rock chip can spread quickly through your auto glass, as a result of heat, rapid temperature changes, or another impact. Don’t wait for the chip to spread. If you can’t come to our repair shop due to your busy schedule, or worse, you’re stuck in an emergency that makes it impossible to drive your car to us because of large cracks that hamper your view of the road, don’t risk your safety! Instead, our mobile auto glass repair team can respond to your emergency needs in Brampton.

With a mobile auto glass repair, our team of windshield technicians will perform the necessary auto glass repair at your location, provide you with care and handling tips following the work done, and safely send you on your way.

Park in the Shade

Make sure to park your car in the shade when you can. The sun is the biggest cause of broken windshields in the summer, so try to keep your car parked in the shade, especially if your auto glass is already chipped. Remember to leave some windows open an inch or so, to keep the temperature inside your car down, and avoid fluctuations that cause stress breaks or cracks on your car’s auto glass.

If you forgot to crack a window open without parking your car in the shade, and came back to it with visible cracks, you can book a mobile auto glass repair or replacement to fix the damage immediately, and get back on the roads in Brampton.

Take it Easy on the Temperature

Avoid rapidly changing your auto glass’s temperature, especially when driving in Brampton in this increasingly hot summer. Blasting your hot windshield with air conditioning as soon as you get in the car, or washing the windshield with cold water after it’s been sitting in the sun can cause small chips and microscopic cracks or flaws to start showing. In a rush, or can’t see clearly from your windshield anymore? Our mobile auto glass repair service can handle the repair right at home, or wherever your car is parked at.

Handle Doors with Care

Take it easy on the door! Slamming the car door can causes a sudden pressure change that might cause the rock chip to spread. Our mobile auto glass repair technicians in Brampton are also trained to respond to other auto glass emergencies, so if the problem is your car door, we’ll be sure to get it fixed right away.

Following these tips should keep your windshield safe this summer. If you do get a chip or a crack, or have any concerns regarding your windshield, visit, or call us for a mobile auto glass repair in Brampton at 1(877) 564-5331.

Auto Glass Repairs and Car Accessories

Your car has many safety features to keep you and your passengers out of harm’s way, one of which is the windshield. Your windshield is actually much complicated than you think. It’s not just one big piece of glass, but it’s actually made of two pieces with a layer of resin in between, to prevent glass from shooting out if it were to be shattered in an accident. The reason it’s so important to book an auto glass repair in mississauga right after a crash is because after the windshield is cracked, the structure of the windshield is compromised and will no longer protect you in a crash.

Due to advancements in technology, many other safety features have probably been installed in your car, and they’re also vulnerable to major damage in the event of a car accident. This means you should be expecting your auto glass repair to cover the repair and calibration of these extra parts. You might be wondering “What features should I be looking out for?”, well we’re going to go through many of the common car parts you should pay attention to.


The accessories in a car vary between models, year, and brand. The technology in a car is unique to each brand and pricing, and your auto glass repair mississauga will depend on what parts need to be repaired or replaced.

Shade Bands

A shade band is the area at the top of the windshield that is tinted, it’s general purpose is to block the sun from disrupting your vision. They are also known as sun bands and are typically 5 inches wide. Not all cars will have a shade band, but if you do, it will probably be found in a black dotted pattern, or a blue tint. Make sure your shade band is restored during your auto glass repair in mississauga, as you don’t want any sunlight disrupting your vision of the road.

Heated Glass

A recent addition to newer car models is the option of heated glass. The heater can be found where the wiper blade mounts are, it’s purpose is to help remove ice or frost from your windshield. This feature is extremely useful during the colder months, and you should make sure that it is not damaged after an accident, and to properly seal it with industry-grade adhesives if it is.

Lane Departure Cameras

These handy cameras are made to detect when another driver is leaving their lane, and to warn you to watch out. They’re found in more modern cars, and generally have a section in the top corners of the windshield cut out for them. If your windshield were to be damage near these areas, make sure the camera still functions, and that it’s position hasn’t changed. Also make sure the glass surrounding the cameras maintain their integrity.

Acoustic Glass

Unlike regular glass, acoustic glass dampens all sound that passes through it. This is useful to reduce the noise from your engine, and general road noises. If you don’t know whether you have acoustic glass or not, knock on your windshield, a hollow noise will mean it’s regular glass, and a more solid noise means you have acoustic glass. If you are getting your windshield replaced, you may want to specifically ask the auto glass repair for acoustic glass if you would like the new windshield to retain the same benefits as your old one.

Auto-Dimming MIrror

These unique rear view mirrors are very handy for driving at night, as whenever a car behind you turns on their high beams, these mirrors will automatically darken. Another difference between these mirrors and general rear view mirrors is that they are mounted on a different spot on the auto glass. If you ever get a crack near the area of the mount, make sure it is properly repaired by an auto glass in repair mississauga, otherwise the crack could spread and dislocate the mount.

Rain Sensors

Recently, car companies have been installing rain sensors in their newer models, which automatically turn on your windshield wipers if it starts to rain. Make sure this isn’t damaged if end up getting into an accident. On a side note, make sure to inspect your car’s wiper blades, as torn or faulty ones can scratch your newly repaired auto glass.

Are you unsure on whether these feature were damaged in your latest car crash? Book an auto glass repair with Wizard Auto Glass, and our experts will handle your it.  Call us at (905) 564-5330 or get a free quote.

How to Recover After Your Car Has Been Vandalized

If you went out to run errands, and came back to see that your parked car had been vandalized, it wouldn’t exactly make your day. Vandalism is messy – broken glass would be everywhere, you’d have lost many of your valuables, and the overall clean up process is extensive and annoying. Recovering from the incident takes up a lot of your time too, as you’d likely have to get your windshields replaced, then you’d have to file a police report and an insurance claim.

Wizard Auto Glass Mississauga can help you make this process a lot easier, you probably haven’t experienced a car vandalism or windshield replacement before, but we handle them everyday. Here are the steps to recover from a car vandalism, including an auto glass replacement.

Document and Report the Incident

After you see that your car has been vandalized, report the situation to the local police. It is important to document the incident, take photos of all the damaged areas on your car, and write down all the the things that were stolen.

Clean the Mess Up

To start cleaning your car, wear thick gloves and goggles, and try to cover all exposed skin. Use a brush and sweeping pan, or a vacuum cleaner to clean up all the broken pieces of glass, make sure to avoid the remaining pieces of glass left on the window. After all the debris is gone, secure your window by finding a thick plastic covering that will completely cover your window. Use scissors to trim it down if it’s too big, and make sure there are no air holes. You can use duct tape or another strong adhesive to secure the plastic to your car, however, be wary of how the adhesive may affect your car’s paint.

If you feel unsure about this process, feel free to contact Auto Glass Wizard and we will send a technician with all the equipment to clean up your car, and install all the necessary safety precautions.

Contact an Auto Glass Service

Our technicians will first assess the damage done to your car. This can result in a windshield repair or replacement, depending on the severity of the damage.

Our team will then proceed to quickly repair or replace the damaged auto glass. Our Mississauga location will likely have your model’s windshield in stock, and you won’t have to wait for a shipment. Our job is to try to get you in and out on the same day.

File an Insurance Claim

While our Mississauga technicians are working on repairing your car, our customer service team will help you file and process and insurance claim with your provider. Your auto insurance will cover the cost of all the material damage done to your car, this includes stolen auto parts, broken windows, and any other damaged part of your vehicle. To cover the theft of your personal belongings, you will likely want check with home insurance coverage.

Future Safety Measures You Can Take

To avoid future vandalism incidents, feel free to follow the following tips. When you are leaving your car, make sure to take all your valuables with you, or to leave them out of sight, meaning you should store them in the trunk or glove compartment. You should close any open windows or sunroofs, and always lock your car (you’d be surprised). Your parking location matters too, park in an area under surveillance or in well lit areas during the night. Finally, you can increase your security by installing an alarm if you don’t already have one, and making it clear with ati-theft markings.

Chances are, you’ve never dealt with a car vandalism situation, contact our expert technicians at Auto Glass Wizard to make your recovery process quicker and easier. Call us at 1-(877)-564-5331 or receive a free quote online.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair Service

If you have a chip or crack in your windshield that impairs your vision, or is located in your line of sight while driving, it is recommended that you stay off the roads. Not only for the safety of yourself, but also for the safety of others. The chip or crack, could also worsen while you are on the road due to a number of reasons. It is always recommended that you get your windshield repaired or replaced as soon as possible, but if you can’t drive to shop safely, than there is only one other option, mobile auto glass repair. Technicians will come to your location, and repair or replace your windshield so you do not have to drive at all. At Wizard Auto Glass we offer same day mobile auto glass repair services to all of our customers.

Want to know more about our mobile auto glass repair service? Call us at 1-(877)-564-5331 today!

At Wizard Auto Glass we service all glass parts on all different kinds of vehicles. This includes front windshields, back windshields, windows, vent glasses, rear view and side mirrors, and sunroofs. Our mobile auto glass repair service ranges from the smallest vehicles to trucks and tractor-trailers, from classic autos to the most modern ones and from the economical to the most luxurious. Wherever you are in the GTA, if you need auto glass repair, we can come to you!   

In addition, our mobile service is free! Which means that our experts will come to whichever place that is most convenient for you to service your windshield. Our mobile auto glass repair service know no bounds! Whether it’s your home, workplace or even while you are meeting with a friend at a coffee shop, we can get there!   

At Wizard Auto Glass, we recommend you to take advantage of our experience in auto glass repair and replacement! Now with our mobile auto glass repair service, there is no more waiting in line, or wasting hours of your day!

Call now to book a mobile windshield repair with the Auto Glass Wizards at 1(877)564-5331 today!

Spring Cleaning For Your Vehicle

After another season of winter, snow, and cold weather, mother nature has decided that we are once again worthy of some decent weather. The temperature gets warmer, the sun shines for longer, and people are spending more time enjoying the outdoors. However, with the dawn of every new spring season comes along the shedding of our winter habits, and the cleaning of our winter mess. For car owners, this means putting those snow brushes back in for storage, checking if you need auto glass replacement, and making sure your vehicle is running smoothly.

During the winter months vehicles can encounter many problems, due to cold weather, freezing rain, and snowfall. It is just as important to check your car after a winter season, as it is to prepare for it beforehand. One problem could be the salt laid down by salt trucks on the road can damage your car’s paint. Another could be hail, freezing rain or debris on the road severely damaging your windshield possibly leading to auto glass replacement come spring time. These are all things to look out for once the snow begins to melt away.

Auto Glass Wizard can do same day auto glass replacement! Call us at 1 (877) 564-5331 for a free quote now!

Below are 3 tips for cleaning your car once spring time comes along:

Wash And Wax

Scrape the road salt, mud, dust, debris and grime off your vehicle. This is really important in maintaining the paint on the exterior of your car. Take your car to a car wash, and finish off the wash with a car wax. This step is very important as it seals the paint, adds a shiny coat, and repels water beads eliminating troublesome water spots. As tempting as it is, don’t leave the first rainfall to wash your car for you!

Auto Glass Replacement

After a harsh winter, the mirror’s, windows, and front/back windshields can sustain quite a lot of damage. It is important to check all of the glass on your vehicle, including a sunroof, to ensure there are no cracks or chips. If you notice any cracks or chips, it is recommended that you bring your car in for auto glass replacement, to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Service Check

Spring is a great time to perform a quick inspection and general maintenance on your vehicle. Test to see if your headlights and taillights are in working order, and most importantly make sure your mechanic checks alignment since wintery bumpy roads and potholes can throw alignment off and cause premature wear.

Auto Glass Wizard can repair or replace your auto glass quicker than anyone! Call us at 1 (877) 564-5331 or receive a free quote online.

Information and Tips for Filing A Car Insurance Claim

Getting into a car accident is not only scary, it can be expensive too, especially if anyone is hurt or your car is damaged. When your car is damaged in an accident, or by a non-accident-related event (i.e. damage from a storm, a rock cracking your windshield) you may be able to get insurance coverage to help pay for the repairs. For example, if you need a windshield repair, but want to keep the cost down, a claim can help to cut some of the costs, keeping more money in your pocket.

To get this coverage you will need to file a car insurance claim. This can be a long and frustrating process, but not to worry! At Wizard Auto Glass, we have years of experience dealing with insurance claims. Keep reading for some information, tips, and a general rundown of a claim is filed. Need help with filing your claim? We’re more than happy to assist you! We’ll even talk to your insurance company for you. Call (877) 564-5331 to learn more.

Need a windshield repair that won’t cost a fortune in Oakville? We can help with that too! Request a free quote online or give us a call today.

When to File a Car Insurance Claim

You should always contact your insurance provider as soon as you can following an accident. You are eligible for filing an insurance claim on your vehicle if it has been damaged from a non-accident-related event, vandalized, or stolen. If you are not at fault for the accident you will most likely be covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance.

What Information is Needed?

When you go to call your insurance company you will need to make sure that you having the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your driver’s license and license plate numbers
  • Your policy number
  • The start and end dates of your policy
  • The time and date of the accident
  • The names, phone numbers, and addresses of any other drivers, passengers, and witnesses involved
  • The driver’s license and license plate number for all drivers involved in the accident

You should also take notes and pictures of the scene following the incident. This can include pictures or notes documenting the damage to the vehicles, notes about what the weather was like at the time of the accident, what time of day the accident occurred, and any bodily harm that occurred during the accident.

How the Claim Process Works

The first thing you need to do is to contact your insurance provider and let your account representative know about the accident. You will then either meet with your representative in person or talk to them over the phone (in some cases both may be required) to discuss your situation and what coverage you are eligible for. Your representative will evaluate your claim, including inspecting your car and examining evidence of any property or injury claims. The representative will then determine a resolution to the case, and payments will be given if you are covered.

Need help with the insurance claim process? At Wizard Auto Glass in Oakville we have years of experience dealing with insurance claims. We’ll even talk to your insurance company for you! Call (877) 564-5331 to learn more.

Save Money with Windshield Repairs by Wizard Auto Glass

pexels-photo-104401The holiday season is not only expensive, but it is very hectic as well, and with the road conditions worsening, it is very easy for your windshield to get damaged. When this happens you may not be able to afford to get your windshield fixed at this time. Luckily, Wizard Auto Glass is in Mississauga to make it easier for you. Keep reading for ways that Wizard not only makes your windshield repair easier, but less expensive as well. We service all car manufacturers, including Jeep.


If you have a crack or chip in your windshield that is larger than 2 inches, you will have to get your windshield replaced. At Wizard Auto Glass, we use aftermarket products, meaning that we use replacement parts from companies that aren’t your vehicle’s original manufacturer. Since they are made by secondary parties, aftermarket products tend to be much less expensive than replacement parts made the original manufacturer. There is some debate on whether aftermarket products are better or worse than OEM parts; at Wizard Auto Glass, we use only the highest quality aftermarket replacement windshield, ensuring that you’re paying for quality at an affordable rate.

Quality Repairs

If your windshield damage is smaller than 2 inches, we can easily repair it for you. Starting at $40, windshield repairs are much less expensive than windshield replacements. We offer same day service, ensuring that you can get your windshield repaired quickly before the damage spreads and a repair is no longer an option. Plus, we offer warranties on all of our work, so if you are not 100% satisfied with your repair we will fix it for you at no extra charge.

Insurance Coverage

We know that money is tight this time of year for many people, and you can’t always afford to get your windshield fixed. At Wizard Auto Glass, we are certified in vehicle insurance inspection and vandalism. We’ve dealt with hundreds of claims over the years and can help you get the coverage you need from your insurance company. We’ll even speak to your insurance company for you so you don’t have to waste your time or patience.

Need a windshield repair for your Jeep in Mississauga? Give Wizard Auto Glass a call at 1-877-564-5331 today!

Choose Wizard for Auto Glass Replacements No Matter What Kind of Car You Have!

Whether your vehicle is imported all the way from Japan, or made right here at home, ensuring that it is regularly gets maintenance and repaired is always important. At Wizard Auto Glass in Mississauga, we know how important it is to repair vehicles right away in order to prevent further damage. stocksnap_a1b4d60e6c

This is why we keep Aftermarket auto glass replacement parts on hand for all makes and models of cars. No matter where your car is from, you can easily get your windshield replaced here in Mississauga quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Keep reading to learn the benefits of cars from different countries.

Japanese Makes

Many people favour Japanese car makes due to the traditional belief that they are of very high quality. This is due to the strict quality tests that the Japanese government requires in order for vehicles to be allowed on the road. Japanese cars are made to be very fuel efficient and are coming out with more hybrid cars. These cars tend to be more environmentally friendly, which is a big selling point for many people. Japanese cars tend to come equipped with the latest features that make driving more fun and comfortable. Also, due to the high quality of the cars, Japanese makes tend to be very reliable, as long as the owner takes care of them ensures that regular maintenance is done.

We offer auto glass replacement for the following vehicle makes:

  • Acura
  • Honda
  • Infinity
  • Isuzu
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mazda
  • Lexus
  • Subaru
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota

American Makes

While in the past it was widely believed that American cars were of poor quality, nowadays American cars have to pass a variety of road and safety tests, much like Japanese cars, before they can go on the road. This has forced American companies to up their game and make cars that are of higher quality and safety. Since American cars aren’t imported overseas, they tend to be less expensive than foreign imports, and owners can get newer American cars with better features at a lower price than most other foreign makes. This does depend on the company, though, as some luxury cars, such as Chevy Camaros or anything by Cadillac, tend to be priced higher. Due to the availability of American-made vehicles, finding replacement parts for most models is not a challenge. At Wizard, we have plenty of replacement auto glass for all American vehicle makes and models, and we offer them at the best rates in the GTA.

We offer auto glass replacement for the following vehicle makes:

  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevy
  • Dodge
  • Chrysler
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Hummer
  • Jeep
  • Lincoln
  • Mercury
  • Pontiac

European Makes

European cars have traditionally been leaders when it comes to safety in cars. The Volvo, a Swedish car, for example, was the first to bring the three-point seatbelt into production in 1959. In the past, most European car manufacturers didn’t want to change the way they made their products, as they didn’t see the need to. Nowadays, with high competition from manufacturers in other countries, European car manufacturers have upped their game in terms of quality, style, and reliability of their products. BMW, for example, has a specialist work on the acoustical design of their cars; this is to not only ensure the radio emits perfect sound, but the external noises such as the wipers gliding across the windshield are decreased as well. Assisted technologies are also becoming increasingly common in European cars, such as parking, steering, braking, and accelerating assistance to ensure maneuvers are completed successful and more comfortably for the driver.

We offer auto glass replacement for the following vehicle makes:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Jaguar
  • Land Rover
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mini Cooper
  • Porsche
  • Smart
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo

Korean Makes

Korean vehicles have become increasingly popular the past few years. In fact, Hyundai and Kia have sold more vehicles in America and Canada, than all of the European car manufacturers combined in the first 7 months of 2011. This is due to the attention to style and detail on the cars made by Korean manufacturers. Plus, with affordable pricing, incentives (like Hyundai’s offer to buy back cars if the owner loses their job) and savvy advertising and marketing schemes, Korean manufacturers have done a good job getting their products noticed in the competitive American market. Plus, due to the rising popularity of Korean cars, finding replacement parts is easier than ever now.

We offer auto glass replacement for the following vehicle makes:

  • Hyundai
  • Kia

Need a windshield replacement in Mississauga? Contact Wizard Auto Glass today at (877) 564-5331 and book an appointment! We offer 24/7 service!

Japanese vs. American Cars – Debunking Quality Myths

There is a lot of competition between different car manufacturers on who has the better quality vehicles. While traditionally it was thought that Japanese manufacturers made the highest quality vehicles and American made cars were of lesser quality, recent studies suggest that times have changed. Keep reading as we debunk two car myths.

No matter what kind of car you have, if you have damage to your windshield, you need to get it repaired or replaced right away. At Wizard Auto Glass, we carry replacement glass for every make and model of vehicle. Plus, we have years of experience working with every manufacturer. Give us a call at 877-564-5331 today, or fill out a form for a free auto glass quote in Mississauga.

Japanese Cars are the Best Quality

From the 1980s to 1990s, Japanese auto brands built themselves a reputation of building cars that were far more reliable than their competition from other countries. During those decades, American automobile brands had high-profit rankings and thus didn’t have the motivation to change their method when making cars. At the same time, European automobile companies felt their traditional way of making cars didn’t need changing, and Korean automobile companies were still trying to break into the market. The Japanese brands Honda and Toyota were the leaders in terms of both quality and reliability; over time the association was transferred to any Japanese car brand.

By 2015, American car manufacturers were hit from the economic crisis, and have made efforts to improve the quality of their cars as a result. European car companies also realized they needed to improve to stay ahead in the market, and the Korean car companies such as Kia and Hyundai, have most definitely found their footing. So where does this leave the Japanese manufacturers today?

To say that all Japanese cars have the best quality is incorrect. Reported in the 2015 IQS, the highest-ranking Japanese auto brand was Infinity, which ranked fifth overall. In fact, only four in 10 Japanese brands rank above the industry average for quality. While this is definitely not bad, it shows that not all Japanese brands are the best quality, as they are commonly perceived. This doesn’t mean that Japanese manufacturers aren’t producing competitive products, they most definitely are, but so are all manufacturers these days.

North American Cars are Poor Quality

Many people are under the impression that North American made cars are of poor quality, similar to how many believe that Japanese brands are always the best quality. In the 2015 IQS report, 5 American car brands (Ford, Buick, Lincoln Ram, and Chevrolet) performed above the industry average. These days, American car companies are aiming to build better quality cars that are not only more stylish but are also safer and have improved technology.

So which is better? Japanese cars? Or American cars? There’s no easy answer, and often it is based on an individual’s preference. While in the past Japanese brands were considered better, American brands have quickly risen in the ranks the past couple of years. It will be interesting to see how they rank in 2016.

Whether you have a Japanese or an American car, Wizard Auto Glass has high-quality replacement glass for any model. If you have a crack in your auto glass, bring your car to our shop right away to get it fixed before it can damage your entire windshield.

Have damage to your car’s auto glass? Give us a call at 877-564-5331 and get an auto glass quote in Mississauga today!

How Long Can You Safely Drive with a Windshield Crack?

Windshield cracks might seem like just an annoying nuisance, but it is important to address cracks and chips on your windshield when you notice them. Some might be put off by the thought of windshield repair or replacement services. While some chips are safe to leave, others may bring you added dangers when on the road, and your personal safety could be compromised. Here is the Wizard Auto Glass Guide to determining when you need to fix your windshield chips and cracks.

When do I need to have the crack repaired?

The short answer is “the sooner, the better”. However, in reality, people work and have commitments, and having the chip or crack immediately repaired is not always an option. If the chip is very minor and does not seem to have the “spider web” look, then you will be okay for a hundred or so kilometers. It is still vital to your safety that you have it assessed and/or repaired, but if it truly a minor chip, then you could wait a week or so (assuming you are not doing any long-distance travelling in your car!)

However, one thing to consider upon the discovery of a chip or crack are the weather conditions that your vehicle will be subjected to. If you live in a climate that is particularly rainy, comes in contact with hail, or heavy snows, then reconsider a repair immediately. These weather conditions will likely worsen the condition of your auto glass much faster.

Does your crack look like a web?

If the answer to this is “yes”, then you need to act promptly and have this crack or chip assessed. The types of cracks are notorious for spreading quickly, and even a minor bump could prove to be catastrophic to not only your wallet, but to your safety and health.