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The Importance of Windshield Wipers for You and Your Windshield

It is observed that many factors contribute to cause collisions. One such glaring factor is reduced visibility. One of the reasons behind this is because of worn out wiper blades. It so happens that  damaged wiper blades, having gouges, showing signs of discoloration or with cracks, are a signal for the driver to replace them at the earliest. Effective and functional wiper blades are very important for low visibility weather conditions such as, fog, rain or snow. An extensive number of collisions are caused when the driver fails to maintain a clean and a clear windshield. The risk of collisions is far greater when driving under severe low visibility conditions, in a vehicle that is being operated with faulty wiper blades. Damage to the wiper blades may be caused due to exposure to sun, rain, water or dirt. Over used wipers will fail to completely clear water from the windshield and will leave trails of moisture on the glass. Damaged wipers at times may also give squeaking sound indicating that it is time to bid them farewell.  Automobile maintenance experts suggest that wiper blades be checked occasionally and must be replaced every six months. Failure to do so may cause severe consequences and in worse situations end up in fatalities. Drivers need to understand that the importance to maintain all time high visibility is the prime requirement for safe driving. With specific reference to those parts of the world, where the drivers are challenged with extreme weather conditions such as snow, long spells of heat, blizzards and rain, maintaining their wiper blades becomes all the more essential. It may seem a trivial matter as opposed to mechanical fitness of the vehicle, but in reality it is equally vital for any driver. Moreover, replacing the old worn out wipers hardly cost anything in time or money. Most of the mechanical shops would not even charge anything for this service and it takes less than five minutes to get the job done. So, the effort is worth the while, not to be ignored by any safe driver. At Autoglass Wizard you can get your windshield wipers replaced in no time, and at a very affordable price. You can also get your windshield replaced or repaired. For more information on getting you auto glass replaced in the Greater Toronto Area (Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Etobicoke, and other cities), please click auto glass replacement Markham. If you have a small windshield or auto glass crack and you want to find out more about your options for auto glass repair please click auto glass repair Markham. For general info on repair and or replacement of your windshield or auto glass click auto glass shop Markham.

Auto Glass Technology Update

The automobile industry is showcasing its new technological advances and inventions to the world as time progresses. One of these new inventions is known as ‘cool’ auto glass. With the summer time’s increasing temperature, ‘cool’ auto glass is nonetheless appealing to most drivers. The state Air Resource Board invites this new invention into our automobiles which aims to keep our summers cooler. Numerous federal studies have shown that this new auto glass reduces the temperature of a parked car in the sun by approximately 12 degrees, compared to regular glass that is currently in use. This could mean a lot for the common driver but also for the environment. Call Autoglass Wizard to ask about auto glass options for your vehicle. Or visit our website. For auto glass repair click auto glass replacement Mississauga., or for windshield replacement click auto glass replacement Mississauga.

By having cooler interiors in our vehicles, our tendency to use air conditioning shrinks. This means less exhaust for the environment and more money in our pockets because of reduced fuel consumption. Studies have shown that about 5.5 percent of America’s fuel, approximately 7 billion gallons of gas, is attributed to air conditioners. The sun transfers its energy in two ways. The most common form we know is through visible light waves. Stopping this form of energy is not helpful because it will ultimately mean that the driver will not able to see outside. The other form known as ‘near-infrared’ waves of energy transfer is invisible. The implementation of this new auto glass combines the thin layer of silver and other metal forms between the layers of the windshield, reflecting almost all infrared waves and keeping interior temperatures lower.

It has been estimated by the Air Resources Board that the cost for this new auto glass would be $111 per vehicle. This money would be reimbursed in a year or two by the amount of gas saved. However, this implementation will only be possible after automobile companies agree to accept this change. The state of California will be the first one to see this change and if all goes well, the other states will embrace this new technology.

PPG Aerospace Begins Use of Chromate-Free Moisture Seal on Windshields

A new and improved step towards achieving environmentally – responsible moisture seal windshields is now in the offing. It is observed that chromate-free polysulfide aircraft window sealant on glass-faced acrylic replacement windshields now is capable of achieving eco friendly results and replaces the once all- acrylic windshield.  It is being used initially in the aerospace world on Challenger 600, 601,604 and 605 jets.  One extraordinary feature of this product is that it is scratch free as well as chemically proof ,the qualities of glass and is equally very light in weight, as alight as plastic. On the other hand, it has successfully undergone reliability in-flight tests of almost over 4,000 hours. Not only that, these tests have evolved over a variety of airframes, thus to remove any element of error. In the same vein, it is observed during the testing period that PR-1425CF can be used with PR-1425 polysulfide sealant. This means that, both these sealants will work function well together in the event of replacement of repair. This type of compatibility, is rare and a definite step towards sustainability of aerospace safety. It is interesting to note that this new design glass is open for display at the Paris Air Show and the manufacturers have started offering it on competitive rates as well. Since this type of seal is new to the auto glass industry most auto glass repair and replacement shops such as Autoglass Wizard do not use Chromate-Free Moisture Seal on windshields but it is definitely something that could become mainstream in the near future. At Autoglass Wizard we comply with industry standards and we are environmentally conscious with every repair or replacement job we do. We recycle all of our waste, and we use the best quality, environmentally friendly materials for each job we do. If you are in the Brampton area of GTA and are interested in auto glass repair click auto glass replacement Mississauga., for auto glass replacement in Aurora go to auto glass replacement Mississauga..

How to Find the Best Auto Glass Shop for You

If you have ever had a problem with your windshield or other auto glass, you may have already realized that a lot of work is involved in finding a quality repair professional. It is quite difficult to find a specialist in the market that offers an inexpensive repair service, which is extremely important for your vehicle and your bank account.

Auto glass can be damaged in numerous situations and it is essential that you find a company that provides reliable and affordable repairs. Such companies are hard to come by unless they have been referred to you. The internet proves to be a good resource in finding the right company for auto glass repairs. You can use a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN that can mine through all available auto glass repair shops in your area and provide you with a list of companies that offer their services. These search engines leave the decision in your hands in the end and allow you to make an educated decision, by giving you a large selection to choose from.

Very high quality repairs are usually done at speciality shops which are extremely expensive, while the opposite is true for cheaper shops. The most inexpensive shops will usually do a poor repair job which can cause you a lot of problems. With the help of the internet, finding an inexpensive shop that does a good job at an honest price has become easier, as many auto glass repair and replacement companies are offering their website visitors free online quotes so customers can get prices from a variety of auto glass companies and compare them.

The first step in finding a reliable company is to complete an online quote form. Depending on the information you provide such as your car’s make, model and year, you will be provided with a list of qualified companies. Specific details such as whether you want a repair or a replacement also affect your results. These companies have a lot of valuable experience on the subject and can tell you whether or not you need a repair or a complete replacement.To get a free, no obligation quote from Autoglass Wizard go to Brampton auto glass replacement quote.

The difference between a good auto glass shop and a cheap shop can be seen when looking at their application process. Cheaper ones use products that are inexpensive and unsafe. This jeopardizes the safety of your vehicle’s passenger and yourself. You have to realize that the safety of your vehicle’s occupants highly depends on your windshield’s integrity and overall quality, so find a company that is worthy of your business. At Autoglass Wizard we offer quality auto glass repair and replacement work at competitive prices. For more information on our repair services click auto glass replacement Mississauga., for replacement related information click auto glass replacement Mississauga..

The Best Auto Glass for your Vehicle

A lot of times when your windshield gets chipped or damaged, there is a ninety percent chance that you can fix it. However, in the case that the windshield is beyond repairable, replacement would be the only option left. When replacing your windshield, you have to face a certain dilemma regarding which auto glass to choose. There are three types of glass to choose from.

The dealer glass is the first type of glass you can purchase for your vehicle. The dealer glass is the glass, which is made by the manufacturer of your vehicle. Because the glass is made by the manufacturer, this glass usually costs the most. It also comes with the dealers brand name. The brand sometimes assures people that this glass is the best, especially if the brand is from a very prestigious manufacturer, such as Mercedes-Benz.

The second type of auto glass is called the original equipment manufactured car glass. This type of glass is exactly the same as the dealer glass: exact specifications, same glass thickness, and so on. The only difference is that it is made by a different manufacturer. Auto manufacturers usually call these glass companies to tell them to make their type of glass. The glass quality is the same as the dealer glass. Some respectable OEM glass manufacturers are Carlite, Ford, and Crinamex. However, sometimes you have to be sure when picking a type of glass, because some glasses are labeled “from an OEM manufacturer”, but the OEM manufacturer may not have glass as good as the other respectable companies. You have to be sure which company makes your OEM glass.

The third and final type of glass is called aftermarket glass. It’s also referred to as original equipment equivalent. This manufacturer is not legally authorized to make branded glass types of the car manufacturers. So they may be different from other glass types in terms of glass thickness and specifications.

The best type of glass out there is the OEM glass, because it has the exact specifications of the car manufacturers’ glass, and it also comes in a cheaper price. At Wizard Autoglass you will receive top quality glass replacement for your vehicle, assuring you maximum safety, fit and functionality. For more information on auto glass replacement click auto glass replacement Mississauga. . Wizard Autoglass serves the greater Toronto Areas including Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke, Toronto, North York and others.

Why choose Auto Glass Repair Over Autoglass Replacement

A lot of people wait for the very last second to get their windshield fixed. At first, the crack seems small, so the driver thinks to himself, “Who cares? Its only a small chip”. Then the crack expands, and then the driver is in trouble. It will impair his vision while he’s driving, and also the repair costs would double because the chip has been bigger. If it gets much bigger, replacement would be the only option. For auto glass replacement information and solutions go to auto glass replacement Mississauga.. This auto glass repair and replacement shop serves Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Toronto and surrounding GTA. Autoglass Wizard also specializes in auto glass repair, so if you want more professional information on auto glass repair in Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, or Oakville go to auto glass replacement Mississauga..

However, when you get a chip in your windshield, you may want to feel 100% secure, so you go for the windshield replacement. However, here are some reasons why you should get a repair instead of replacement.

Your original factory windshield is supposed to protect you from water leaks when storms happen, and they have air bag and roof support in case an accident happens. When you repair your windshield, these settings remain, but when you replace your windshield, the settings would go then. A lot of times, these settings are not available.

Most of the windshield cracks and chips can be repaired. There is the rare case when repair would seem futile, so they go for the replacement. Technology has grown a lot that it can almost repair each crack and chip. People instead go for the replacement because they want to be secure, and that’s great, but repair not only fixes the cracks, but it saves you a lot of money.

Repairing windshields is also eco friendly, because when you replace your windshield, the old windshield goes to the landfill, because it can’t be recycled. The windshields are made up of plastic, and only a few plants recycle plastic because the process is too expensive.

And if these reasons do not motivate you to repair instead your auto glass instead of replacing it, then the following might encourage you to do it: windshield repair simply costs way less than windshield replacement and can accomplish a very similar outcome, so if you can do repair why do replacement? If you live in the GTA including Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Etobicoke or Toronto and want a great price on auto glass repair click auto glass replacement Mississauga., if you have a serious crack which has spread across your whole windshield a replacement will most likely be necessary, so get it replaced for cheap, by going to Autoglass Wizard. For more info on windshield or auto glass replacement go to auto glass replacement Mississauga..

Which Auto Glass is the Best

Current auto glass comes with new aesthetics and safer features than ever before. It is used in multiple places such as car windshields, exotic interiors and reinforced exteriors. It is even possible to implement this glass into your own home.

Two of the most known types of glass are laminated and tempered. The laminated glass is most often found in the windshield of your car, where two layers of glass are laminated to a sheet of vinyl in the centre. In the case of a crack or severe damage, the lamination keeps the glass together to avoid further problems. Tempered glass on the other hands goes through a more intensive process to straighten itself and become more rigid. It is heated up almost to its boiling point and then satisfied with a certain amount of air flow to create this tempering effect. This type of glass can be found commercially on exterior buildings but using it in your home could create a new atmosphere.

The structural safety of auto glass is an important feature to keep in mind, especially in your vehicle. In the case of an accident, your vehicle’s occupants are safe from any glass splinter injuries. It is highly advised to perform authorized maintenance on your auto glass from certified technicians because your safety is in their hands. A survey carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown that there were over 300,000 vehicles involved in rollover crashes in the U.S. in 2002. This is why having secure auto glass can minimize your injuries and risks. If you need auto glass repair or replacement and if you are located in the GTA, including Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Etobicoke, or Toronto visit Wizard Autoglass, which is a specialty auto glass shop located in Mississauga, minutes from Etobicoke, North York and Toronto, they have great prices on replacement and repair jobs and are very fast. For more information on auto glass repair go to auto glass replacement Mississauga., or if you want replacement work go to auto glass replacement Mississauga.. You can also get a free auto glass repair or replacement quote on their auto glass site.

In the case of any damage done to your windshield, you should weigh your repair options accordingly. It is usually 75% more expensive to replace your entire windshield instead of just fixing a chip or a crack. Your security is more important than a few dollars saved, so do not compromise, get a complete replacement if necessary, as advised by a technician.

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