How Long Can You Safely Drive with a Windshield Crack?

Windshield cracks might seem like just an annoying nuisance, but it is important to address cracks and chips on your windshield when you notice them. Some might be put off by the thought of windshield repair or replacement services. While some chips are safe to leave, others may bring you added dangers when on the road, and your personal safety could be compromised. Here is the Wizard Auto Glass Guide to determining when you need to fix your windshield chips and cracks.

When do I need to have the crack repaired?

The short answer is “the sooner, the better”. However, in reality, people work and have commitments, and having the chip or crack immediately repaired is not always an option. If the chip is very minor and does not seem to have the “spider web” look, then you will be okay for a hundred or so kilometers. It is still vital to your safety that you have it assessed and/or repaired, but if it truly a minor chip, then you could wait a week or so (assuming you are not doing any long-distance travelling in your car!)

However, one thing to consider upon the discovery of a chip or crack are the weather conditions that your vehicle will be subjected to. If you live in a climate that is particularly rainy, comes in contact with hail, or heavy snows, then reconsider a repair immediately. These weather conditions will likely worsen the condition of your auto glass much faster.

Does your crack look like a web?

If the answer to this is “yes”, then you need to act promptly and have this crack or chip assessed. The types of cracks are notorious for spreading quickly, and even a minor bump could prove to be catastrophic to not only your wallet, but to your safety and health.