Windshield Replacements Mississauga

How To Find Trusted Windshield Replacement


Sometimes, there is some anxiety inducing about who to trust in the auto repair or replacement world. There are so many shops that over-price and under perform. If you’re worried about unexpected feeds and poor windshield replacement, we’re here to help. Our guide below shows you exactly what you need to ask potential windshield replacement companies to ensure that they are honest and transparent about their services. Get more for less today!

What Can I Ask?

  • Do You Hire Certified Technicians?

All too often, unsavoury auto glass shops will hire “technicians” with no real training or experience in an attempt to save a couple of bucks. It is completely in your right to ask the auto glass shop if their technicians are certified. In fact, we would recommend you do! Reliable shops like the Auto Glass Wizard will only hire skilled and professional technicians.

  • Will my replacement come with a warranty?

If you are having any services done to your vehicle, always check to see if it will include a warranty. If an auto glass shop does not offer warranties on each and every replacement, you can assume that they do not stand behind their services. A shop that offers warranties knows that it is very unlikely an issue will occur. However, in the rare situation that something does happen, you will have your bases covered.

  • What is the replacement process?

Ask anything and everything you feel you are unsure about! A professional and respectable shop will be more than happy to explain anything that might be confusing to you. If you find that your auto glass shop becomes agitated or annoyed at the questions, it might be time to look elsewhere for replacements. An auto glass company should be attentive to the fact that they are servicing a very expensive commodity, and owners have the right to be cautious.

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