Japanese vs. American Cars – Debunking Quality Myths

There is a lot of competition between different car manufacturers on who has the better quality vehicles. While traditionally it was thought that Japanese manufacturers made the highest quality vehicles and American made cars were of lesser quality, recent studies suggest that times have changed. Keep reading as we debunk two car myths.

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Japanese Cars are the Best Quality

From the 1980s to 1990s, Japanese auto brands built themselves a reputation of building cars that were far more reliable than their competition from other countries. During those decades, American automobile brands had high-profit rankings and thus didn’t have the motivation to change their method when making cars. At the same time, European automobile companies felt their traditional way of making cars didn’t need changing, and Korean automobile companies were still trying to break into the market. The Japanese brands Honda and Toyota were the leaders in terms of both quality and reliability; over time the association was transferred to any Japanese car brand.

By 2015, American car manufacturers were hit from the economic crisis, and have made efforts to improve the quality of their cars as a result. European car companies also realized they needed to improve to stay ahead in the market, and the Korean car companies such as Kia and Hyundai, have most definitely found their footing. So where does this leave the Japanese manufacturers today?

To say that all Japanese cars have the best quality is incorrect. Reported in the 2015 IQS, the highest-ranking Japanese auto brand was Infinity, which ranked fifth overall. In fact, only four in 10 Japanese brands rank above the industry average for quality. While this is definitely not bad, it shows that not all Japanese brands are the best quality, as they are commonly perceived. This doesn’t mean that Japanese manufacturers aren’t producing competitive products, they most definitely are, but so are all manufacturers these days.

North American Cars are Poor Quality

Many people are under the impression that North American made cars are of poor quality, similar to how many believe that Japanese brands are always the best quality. In the 2015 IQS report, 5 American car brands (Ford, Buick, Lincoln Ram, and Chevrolet) performed above the industry average. These days, American car companies are aiming to build better quality cars that are not only more stylish but are also safer and have improved technology.

So which is better? Japanese cars? Or American cars? There’s no easy answer, and often it is based on an individual’s preference. While in the past Japanese brands were considered better, American brands have quickly risen in the ranks the past couple of years. It will be interesting to see how they rank in 2016.

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