New Windshield Technology

In North America a large percentage of the population are Baby
Boomers. This demographic has distinct needs due to their age. Since
they are older their eyes are not very good, and therefore companies
are developing new ways to help them live better lives. General Motors
is one of these companies. General Motors is working on a new advanced
windshield technology that will essentially help people with eye
problems see better when driving. The new windshield technology will
do this by making road signs and road hazards easier to see,
specifically in harsh road conditions, such as rain, snow and fog.

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The new windshield technology will use infrared sensors, lasers and
cameras to determine what is in front of the vehicle. The images of
the road will be projected in the windshield which will have a special
coating that will be able to display images of the road once hit by
infrared light.

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The new windshield technology is still in its infancy stages and no
announcements of the release date have been posted. According to the
General Motors researchers the new windshield will have many
challenges, one of the main ones is to convince the people to switch
from having a clear windshield with nothing on it, to a windshield
with many images and indicators on it. Perhaps only the aging
population with eye problems will be the one driving vehicles with
these advanced windshields, or perhaps in the future all cars will
look like the cockpits of airplanes and General Motors will be the
leader of this future windshield technology.