The Nascar Windshield

One of the worlds most dangerous sports is believed by many to be
Nascar racing. Many racers have died throughout the years due to
violent crashes that take place almost every race.

In order to keep the drivers of these super fast cars as safe as
possible, Nascar manufacturers such as Toyota and Ford are developing
new technologies that will protect drivers in almost any accident.

One of the very important parts of the Nascar is the windshield. The
windshield encompases a very large portion of the Nascar, and could be
the determining factor of life and death in a serious Nascar crash. In
a race many object become airborn and hit the windshields. Objects
such as tires, rocks and other parts of the competing vehicles may
come at very rapid speeds and it is the windshields job to prvent
these objects from hitting the driver.

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In order for the windshield to prevent such large, fast moving objects
from destroying the windshield and injuring the driver the windshield
has to be able to absorb the hit. The Nascar windshield is made from a
material called Lexan, which is a polycarbonate material. This durable
material is used in many of today’s army helicopters and airplanes.
Lexan is a soft material and therefore when an object hits a Lexan
windshield the windshield does not shatter but instead the object
becomes imbedded into the windshield. If the windshield of the Nascar
was not made of this soft type material, but instead was regular auto
glass, the Nascar windshield would shatter and injure the driver.

One major drawback of Nascar windshields is that after each race they
are damaged, since even small pebbles get stuck in it. In order to cut
costs some Nascar teams apply an adhesive film to the windshield and
after every race they replace it with a new one, unless the windshield
must be replaced due to extreme damage.

Importance of the Windshield

When speaking of vehicle safety, most people think about the cars’
airbags and the structure of the vehicles skeleton – the stronger the
structure the safer the car. Most people would not think about the
cars windshield when listing the futures of the vehicle that determine
the drivers and passengers safety. The windshields’ function in the
overall safety of the vehicle is crucial. Most people think that the
function of the windshield is to keep heat and cool air inside the car
and to keep the rain water, snow, bugs, and other debris out. This is
true but the windshield is also an essential safety feature. The
windshield keeps the overall structure of the car in tact. It supports
the frame of the car and upon impact makes it more resistant. When the
car is involved in a rollover collision the windshield prevents the
roof of the car from collapsing on the passengers.

Furthermore the windshield supports the airbags, therefore when
replacing your windshield you must make sure that the installers know
what they are doing, because if they make a mistake and do not install
the new windshield properly your life will be in great danger in case
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Furthermore, in case of an accident, the windshield carries and
essential safety feature. If the passenger is not wearing a seatbelt,
or if the airbags fail to open, the windshield is made of two layers
of glass with polyvinyl material in between the two peaces of glass.
If the driver or passenger was to hit the windshield in a collision,
the layer of polyvinyl would prevent them from flying through and
would absorb their impact.

New Windshield Technology

In North America a large percentage of the population are Baby
Boomers. This demographic has distinct needs due to their age. Since
they are older their eyes are not very good, and therefore companies
are developing new ways to help them live better lives. General Motors
is one of these companies. General Motors is working on a new advanced
windshield technology that will essentially help people with eye
problems see better when driving. The new windshield technology will
do this by making road signs and road hazards easier to see,
specifically in harsh road conditions, such as rain, snow and fog.

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The new windshield technology will use infrared sensors, lasers and
cameras to determine what is in front of the vehicle. The images of
the road will be projected in the windshield which will have a special
coating that will be able to display images of the road once hit by
infrared light.

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The new windshield technology is still in its infancy stages and no
announcements of the release date have been posted. According to the
General Motors researchers the new windshield will have many
challenges, one of the main ones is to convince the people to switch
from having a clear windshield with nothing on it, to a windshield
with many images and indicators on it. Perhaps only the aging
population with eye problems will be the one driving vehicles with
these advanced windshields, or perhaps in the future all cars will
look like the cockpits of airplanes and General Motors will be the
leader of this future windshield technology.

Bulletproof Auto Glass

Currently there is no technology in the market that is 100% bullet proof. The reason for this is because there are many weapons of different bullet power and speed, and therefore some bullets can pierce through the strongest “bullet proof” auto glass while others cannot. Therefore, when talking about bulletproof auto glass we will refer to auto glass that is resistant to most regular bullets such as those coming from small firearms such as desert eagles, 9 mm pistols and the alike.

Note before reading the rest of the article:

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Bulletproof auto glass is constructed using polycarbonate and thermoplastic. These are plastics that are transparent in nature are easily molded and are very temperature resistant and impact resistant. Even though polycarbonate is highly resistant to temperature and impact, are not very scratch resistant, and therefore other materials have to be applied to it to make it scratch and bullet resistant. In order to do this companies that manufacture bulletproof auto glass use hard coating to make polycarbonate scratch resistant as well. The average bullet proof auto glass is 70–75 mm thick. Companies are working to invent bulletproof auto glass that is thinner than this but currently there is no luck.

Not only are today’s bulletproof auto glass resistant to bullets, but they are also resistant to sledge hammers, axes, crowbars, etc. Thanks to their resistance many banks are increasingly using bulletproof glass to protect their workers from theft. Additionally, armies around the world are using bulletproof auto glass on their vehicles to protect the drivers from bullet penetration.

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