Parking Hazards you Didn’t Think of

The windshield and auto glass of your car acts as a protective layer that allows you to safely drive even in bad weather conditions or hazardous environments. As a driver, you are taught to navigate slowly and with caution in these areas so that your auto glass does not easily get damaged.

However, even with parking there are things to be aware of. Many auto glass repairs throughout the year are due to falling objects onto a car which blasts out the glass. When it comes to falling objects while your car is parked, the impact can be large. If this is a case you are in, get your auto glass and windshield repaired at an affordable cost so that you can get back on the road safely.

Keep reading to learn of the parking hazards that you may not have thought of and how you can avoid them to increase the safety of your auto glass:

Falling Ice and Snow: A Winter Hazard

During the colder months of the year, the weather can get brutal with snowstorms and frozen ice. No matter where you drive or how safe you drive, you’re bound to get hit with snow and ice, especially when you’re parked near a slanted roof of a building.

For these types of weather, we recommend finding indoor parking — whether that be underground parking or house garage parking, it is beneficial to your vehicle in the long-run because even if the first impact hit of an icicle does not make a dent, the second or third time might.

Tall Trees

This might seem like a random choice to not park next to but tall trees actually contribute to a number hazards. In general, people like to park next to trees for the shade on sunny days and prefer their car not to heat up as much. However, with tall trees, the branches on it may become unstable and hit your vehicle from a longer distance. There are also certain types of trees that have sap that can damage a vehicle’s paint job.

Overall, this is more about observation than anything else as there are trees that are stable. Factoring in weather conditions, often some trees will look like they are about to collapse, which is why parking near those would be hazardous. If you have trees in your driveway at home, ensure that any loose branches are cut off so that you do not have to worry about this being a concern.

Construction Sites

Just like how driving near a construction site requires focus and cautiousness, parking near one does too! This is quite obvious as construction and home improvement sites will have many falling tools, paint buckets, ladders, and equipment that will surely make a dent if it falls on your car. If you see an environment like this, choose to park somewhere else so you can avoid these accidents.

Road Trip Stops

Often when people go on road trips in their cars, they take pit stops at scenic routes or take a nap in their car before continuing their driving journey. A common occurrence is when someone takes the opportunity to stand on the hood of their car so they can be elevated to a building or tree of some sort. This is incredibly dangerous as your car is not made to hold a person trying to climb. In addition, you may hurt yourself in the process as you can fall and crack your windshield or auto glass. When it comes to situations like these, be proactive and use a ladder or step stool rather than your car.


The windshield and auto glass of your car are important for passenger and driver safety. By neglecting to be proactive and to take care of it, you will harm everyone in the vehicle. When it comes to parking (even when your car is not in motion) weather, external factors, and decision-making can play a huge role in what happens to your vehicle.

Take the precautions that we have laid out and ensure that you are using these tips to your advantage to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Does your vehicle have an auto glass or windshield accident that needs to be repaired? Contact our team for an affordable quote so that you can get it fixed and get back on the road!