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Why You Should Get That Windshield Crack Fixed

If you have a cracked windshield, why should you bother getting it repaired or replaced if it doesn’t seem like it needs to be fixed? Although your cracked windshield may seem perfectly functional, it is actually putting you and surrounding drivers at risk. Auto Glass Wizard can replace or repair your windshield because that harmless crack may be much more deadly than you think.

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With the way windshields are designed, they are meant to never fully shatter, at least the first time. At first glance, a windshield looks like one big piece of glass, but there are actually 3 layers to a windshield, including two outer sheets of glass and a layer of vinyl resin in between. This design prevents dangerous glass shards from flying on impact, as the vinyl resin keeps the glass pieces from shooting outwards or inwards.

If the vinyl resin layer is cracked, then the structure of your windshield has been compromised and you should get it repaired immediately. If you were to get in another collision with an already compromised windshield, the resin will not be strong enough to protect you from the glass shattering inside the vehicle..

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off a Windshield Repair

On top of the safety risks that driving with a crack in your windshield poses, the crack can also become much worse on it’s own. If you leave a tiny crack in your windshield alone for a few days, or even just a few hours, it can spread and grow much longer which would result in an increase of the repair costs.

There are many factors that can cause a crack to spread, because windshields have multiple layers, elements like moisture or dirt can easily seep in between the layers and further weaken the windshield. If the temperature were to drop below 0℃, any moisture in the crack will freeze and expand, creating more cracks.

The temperature itself can make windshield cracks worse, considerably hot or cold temperatures can cause cracks, but if there were to be a dramatic temperature difference between the two sides of the windshield, even more pressure will be put onto your already damaged windshield.

This can easily be caused by blasting the heat on a cold winter day, or blasting your AC on a hot summer day.  Temporary fixes can be made by sealing the crack with a repair kit, tape, or any seal that will not contaminate the crack, but a professional repair is still necessary.

Even if you think that tiny chip or crack in your windshield does not need to be fixed, it’s always best to have it looked at by a professional. Don’t let a small repairable chip in your windshield turn into a full on-replacement.

Driving with a crack in your windshield is unsafe and should be inspected by our technicians. Call Auto Glass Wizard in Toronto at 1-(877)-564-5331 or receive a free quote online.