The Benefits of Using Aftermarket Auto Glass Over OEM

When your auto glass has been damaged, you need to make a few fast decisions about getting it repaired. This can include “where do I take it?” Or “do I get my insurance involved?” OnHipster boy driving an old campervan with teenagers, roadtripe thing you may not have thought about is choosing aftermarket products over your vehicle’s manufacturer made part. Why is this important? Aftermarket parts have many benefits that people tend to overlook. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of aftermarket parts over original parts.

If you need a repair shop to replace your damaged auto glass, book an appointment with Wizard Auto Glass. We service the Brampton area, use aftermarket parts, and offer warranties on all of our services.

What Does Aftermarket Mean?

If you’re new to vehicle repairs, you may not have come across the term “aftermarket” before. Aftermarket parts are simply replacement auto parts that are made by secondary company and not your vehicle’s original manufacturer. Parts offered from the original manufacturers are referred to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Aftermarket products have also been referred to as competitive replacement parts, non-OEM parts, or generic parts.

Benefits of Using Aftermarket Parts

Less expensive: One of the primary benefits of using aftermarket auto glass  is that they are often much less expensive than the replacement parts offered from the original manufacturer. The prices of aftermarket parts for cars can vary depending on quality, but tend to stay relatively cheaper than original parts. 

Wizard Auto Glass only uses aftermarket auto glass of high quality, and offers warranty with all services, ensuring our customers that we stand behind our work.

Insurance: Aftermarket parts should not interfere with your vehicle’s insurance or warranty, though it is recommended that you talk to your insurance provider before doing any repairs or replacements.

More variety and availability: Another benefit is that aftermarket companies offer a larger variety of parts and have a higher availability rate than original manufacturing companies. There are many companies that sell aftermarket parts, all with a variety of auto glass replacements for different makes and models of vehicles. They also tend to create and sell them in bulk, meaning that there is more available on the market for faster replacements and at less cost to the consumer.

They are just as safe: Since aftermarket parts are designed around the malfunctions of original parts, they are just as safe as using OEM products. There are no safety implications of using  aftermarket parts over original.

Better quality: Many aftermarket exterior car parts are designed to fit multiple models, and some cases, the competing aftermarket parts have fit and worked better than the originals. The quality of some aftermarket parts can be greater than original parts. They may work better, fit better or just longer-lasting than OEM parts. This is because aftermarket companies focus more on finding and working out the issues with the  OEM parts.

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