The Perks of Using Aftermarket Glass Over OEM Glass

What’s the difference?

When replacing your car’s windshield, you will face the decision between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) auto glass and aftermarket or OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent) glass. OEM glass is the glass produced by companies under contracts with vehicle manufacturers. The glass will made to meet the exact specifications for the vehicle manufacturer. OEE, or aftermarket glass, is glass offered by secondary companies contrary to the original glass offered by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Aftermarket auto glass is often overlooked and shadowed by OEM glass, but on a day-to-day perspective they can actually perform just as well.

Generally the only main difference between OEM and aftermarket glass is the stamp with the manufacturer’s logo on the windshield.

At Wizard Auto Glass, we service the Mississauga area using only high quality aftermarket auto glass, and offer warranties on all of our services.


Aftermarket glass will often be a lot cheaper than OEM glass offered by the manufacturer. The prices will generally vary depending on quality but are usually still cheaper than original parts.


Auto Insurance policies will often cover aftermarket parts, including auto glass as they are similar in look and quality to their OEM counterparts. Using an aftermarket windshield generally would not affect your vehicle’s warranty but it is recommended that you speak with your warranty and insurance providers before repairing or replacing your windshield.


Whether you chose an aftermarket windshield or an OEM glass, the quality must always meet government standards. Many of the aftermarket manufacturers actually go beyond these requirements and are ISO-9001 certified so you can rest assured that you are safe driving with an aftermarket windshield.


Aftermarket glass is manufactured in bulk meaning that they are readily available on the market at a lower price. Aftermarket companies generally offer a larger selection of auto glass for a variety of different vehicle models than original manufacturing companies, again ensuring you can find glass to fit your vehicle, at a more affordable price.

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