Types of Replacement Auto Glass: What Option is the Best for you Vehicle?

Having clear, strong, chip and crack-free auto glass is an incredibly underestimated aspect of overall vehicle safety. Knowing about the auto glass replacement process makes it easier to plan for, be apart of and understand the process of how the replacements are done, so you can feel confident with the service you have received. Involve yourself with the process and be in control of your own safety!

Dealer Parts

As you would expect, this form of auto glass replacement is done with glass created by the manufacturer of the car at hand. Since these replacement glasses have been imported from the manufacturer of the specific car, they will match the exact specifications of your cars make and model, offering the highest level of quality. The glass fits perfectly and is delivered with all original parts, often times adding in attachments for camera mounts, heating grids, rain sensors, and more. With all these upgrades and benefits, it only makes sense that the price is going to be higher than other options. The dealer provided glass is always the most expensive fix.

Aftermarket –  Original Equipment Manufacturer

Aftermarket auto glass replacements are made with parts that are tailored to fit the exact standards of the car at hand, although they are not made by the manufacturer themselves. With the standards meeting that of the manufacturer, the windshields are able to be supplied to larger companies. They are almost identical to those of the dealers, they also come with attachment pins for things like camera mounts, heating grids and more, but they do not come with the trademark of being from the dealer.

The benefit of using an aftermarket supplier is that they are able to match the existing tints or colors of the rest of the glass on your car. The only major difference between dealer made auto glass and the aftermarket supplied glass is the attachment hardware. The attachment parts used in aftermarket glass aren’t from the dealer, they are made third-party but never compromise quality in the process. They go through strict quality control tests and are made to fit the exact make and model of the car.

Aftermarket glass tends to be cheaper than glass that comes straight from the dealer. It is the best choice when looking for a glass that is suitable and more affordable than dealer parts.

Generic Glass

Generic glass is the cheapest option on this list and whilst generic glass is still reliable when it comes to the overall safety of your vehicle, it’s quality is not up to par with dealer and aftermarket glass. It says it all in the name, the generic replacements are not intended to measure exactly to the specifications of the make and model of your car. Generic glass is a great option if you have an older vehicle on its last leg or for the warmer seasons where harsh elements are not as prominent. Whilst you are not giving up safety, you are giving up some of the higher quality that comes with dealer and aftermarket glass. Generic glass does have the upper hand, however, when it comes to price. Typically, generic glass is the cheapest option, so if you are on a tight budget, generic is the way to go.

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