What To Do After Auto Glass Replacement

If you have just gotten your auto glass replacement or repair, it is likely that you are anxious to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. Wizard Auto Glass makes the process easy, here is our guide on what to do after an auto glass replacement!

Preservation is key!

Now that your auto glass is brand new, you are going to want to ensure it stays that way for as long as possible. Avoid taking your car to a car wash shortly after having the windshield replacement procedure. This could cause leaks.

Welcome the rain

While car washes are a big no-no after windshield replacement, that does not automatically mean rain is also harmful. Do not fret if you have found yourself caught in a drizzle after picking up your vehicle. The moisture might actually help the urethane sealant cure faster.

Get a recommended wait-time from your skilled technicians

Many technicians will recommend a “cool down” period after windshield replacement where you do not drive the vehicle. Confirm the wait time with your professional technician at Wizard Auto Glass to ensure that you will not cause any leaks so your windshield or sunroof.

Be attentive!

For a while after your windshield replacement, make sure to be extra attentive to your vehicle and your repair. Check for leaks or cracks frequently. If a mistake was made by you or your auto glass repair company, then having it repaired immediately could save your a world of hassle. Small problems in windshield have a tendency to turn in to big problems, so make sure to notice any possible problems.

Check your commute

If you have needed more than one windshield replacement in the last few years, assess your daily commute. A particularly bumped and unmaintained road could be to blame for the poor condition of your auto glass. Consider changing routes if you notice a particularly bumpy ride to word. An area that is known for vandals is another thing to look out for, and avoid parking in those areas.