Windshields: When and Why to Repair

When it comes to your vehicle, the safety aspect is obviously one of the main factors. The auto glass and windshield of the car makes up part of the framework of the vehicle and when damaged, it poses a threat to the passengers and drivers.

Many drivers don’t realize that their auto glass components are damaged or ignore the small cracks that they do notice. When it comes to any type of damage, small or big, your windshield requires a repair to be done. With companies like Wizard auto glass, you are able to obtain an affordable repair quote while getting top quality windshield service done.

Learn about why damages happen, when they do, and why you should repair as soon as you notice them.  

Why do Windshield Damages Happen?

Multiple reasons come up that can affect the windshield and auto glass of your vehicle. Depending on the season and the environment that you drive in, you may be prone to some factors more than others.

Construction work and heavy weather conditions definitely play a huge role in these incidents as heavy chunks of hail and debris from the road often find themselves damaging the auto glass. Without careful driving during these conditions and in those environments, incidents happen quite often.

Without noticing, sometimes chips will form from small contacts with debris that do not form cracks. Over time, it can split into a pattern of tiny chips which then grows into a larger problem. If noticed earlier on, they can be fixed with minor costs, thus avoiding big replacements or repairs.

Why do Windshield Cracks Spread?

If small chips turn into minor cracks into auto glass and windshields, they will also continue to spread if not fixed immediately. There are two common reasons for this: mother nature and normal wear and tear of the material.

A windshield is naturally able to withstand debris and light contact with other objects, but when there are chips or even cracks that have appeared on the auto glass, it becomes much more susceptible to damage. Especially since glass contracts and expands in different temperature ranges, the weather plays a huge role in that. Mother nature and its wind, rain, and sun, assists with the expanding and contracting of the glass. When this happens, and cracks already exist in the glass, it leads to more damage.

In addition to that, large winds can pick up debris that can either increase the cracks that are in the auto glass or it can get lodged in the crack. If this happens, covering it up with tape until you get it to an auto glass repair centre would be ideal.

Cracks also tend to get bigger because of nature causes. When you’re driving over speed bumps or uneven roads with potholes, shutting your door a little too quickly, or hitting your brakes too hard, that can have an impact on your auto glass. If there is a significant crack, it will leave a negative effect. These are regular occurrences on the road which is why having a compromised windshield makes it more difficult to drive normally.

When do you Repair?

Based on all of these situations, repairing immediately is the ideal solution. Anytime that you notice a chip or a crack is reason to get it fixed. Reason being, with weather factors and normal driving already becoming hazardous to an already compromised windshield, you should not wait for it to get worse.

See a crack in your windshield? Contact our team to get an affordable repair quote and get back on the road as soon as possible!