Auto Glass and Vehicle Security

There are a lot of times that people’s cars have been stolen. The thief then changes the appearance of the car, and then the authorities can’t figure out who is the thief. However, you can be prepared if you get stuck in this situation. You can litter your car with all sorts of gadgets (alarms, small security cameras, etc), but here’s an easier way the authorities can detect your car.

You can etch your auto glass with traceable numbers so the authorities can find your car. This is a process that is recommended by everyone, from NCIB and police departments. Etch a number which you can remember, so when your car gets stolen, people can still recognize it. It is recommended that the driver etches his glass with a professional, but if you are experienced, then you can buy a kit and do it yourself. The front windshield, and the side and rear windows are popular places to etch your numbers. Thieves usually check if there’s any etching or alarm systems before they hack a vehicle, just to be safe.

Here’s how you can etch your car if you have bought a do-it-yourself kit. First, clean the area which will be etched by clearing the blue stencils from the white backing paper and then rubbing it in the desired locations of the auto glass (windshield, front door, back door, or rear auto glass). Then etch the numbers, and afterwards put a film of etch cream, covering all characters. When that is done, leave the etching for about five minutes, and then carefully throw the stencils while wiping the cream off by first spraying water or glass cleaner, and the rub it with a dry paper towel. Do this to all auto glass where the etching has been done. To feel more secure, apply it inside the auto glass too. Finally, put on a Proof of Etch certificate to scare away the thief if he did not notice the etchings.

It is also important to make sure that your windshield or other auto glass is not cracked or chipped because this can make your car more attractive to a car thief. It is much easier to break auto glass that is cracked and has not been repaired or replaced than auto glass that is not cracked. Therefore, to reduce the probability of someone breaking into your vehicle make sure that any windshield chips, or cracks have been repaired at your local auto glass repair and replacement shop. Wizard Autoglass offers great prices on quality repair and replacement jobs. Please visit them online for more details. For auto glass repair – auto glass replacement Mississauga., for auto glass replacement – auto glass replacement Mississauga..