Bulletproof Auto Glass

Currently there is no technology in the market that is 100% bullet proof. The reason for this is because there are many weapons of different bullet power and speed, and therefore some bullets can pierce through the strongest “bullet proof” auto glass while others cannot. Therefore, when talking about bulletproof auto glass we will refer to auto glass that is resistant to most regular bullets such as those coming from small firearms such as desert eagles, 9 mm pistols and the alike.

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Bulletproof auto glass is constructed using polycarbonate and thermoplastic. These are plastics that are transparent in nature are easily molded and are very temperature resistant and impact resistant. Even though polycarbonate is highly resistant to temperature and impact, are not very scratch resistant, and therefore other materials have to be applied to it to make it scratch and bullet resistant. In order to do this companies that manufacture bulletproof auto glass use hard coating to make polycarbonate scratch resistant as well. The average bullet proof auto glass is 70–75 mm thick. Companies are working to invent bulletproof auto glass that is thinner than this but currently there is no luck.

Not only are today’s bulletproof auto glass resistant to bullets, but they are also resistant to sledge hammers, axes, crowbars, etc. Thanks to their resistance many banks are increasingly using bulletproof glass to protect their workers from theft. Additionally, armies around the world are using bulletproof auto glass on their vehicles to protect the drivers from bullet penetration.