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How to Maximize Your Car’s Auto Glass Replacement

A large windshield crack is a cause for auto glass replacement, and it brings about a lot of concerns regarding what must be done to prevent the damage from spreading, and if it can still be repaired instead of having to replace the entire windshield. Before you can get an auto glass replacement, it’s important to preserve your safety before and after the windshield replacement. Here’s how you can stay safe on the roads in Mississauga before taking your car to an auto glass shop, and after, to preserve the usable life of your new windshield.

Cover the Crack and Clean Up

As soon as you notice a small crack on your car’s auto glass, clean it properly, and cover it with clear duct tape. Doing so will prevent dirt from collecting in the crack until you can get your windshield repaired, or replaced. Call your auto glass technician to book an auto glass repair, and prevent the crack from growing larger. If left unattended, a usually small and repairable crack can spread, causing your car to need a complete auto glass replacement. Likewise, even if it just starts out as a crack, but it directly affects your line of sight, you may need an auto glass replacement to ensure safety. While waiting for the work to begin, it’s in your best interest to stay off the road, and have Auto Glass Wizard’s mobile service come to you to perform the replacement in Mississauga, or pick up your car to take it to the shop.

Repair or Replacement?

What does your car need? Was the integrity of your windshield preserved, and can the crack be filled with resin to repair, or will you need complete auto glass replacement because of the size and location of the crack? These are common questions owners ask when deciding between an auto glass repair and replacement to ensure their safety in Mississauga.

Your auto glass technician will explain to you that, repairs are an option for small cracks that did not land in critical zones; but larger cracks and those that directly affect your line of sight will require auto glass replacement.

Correct Auto Glass Replacement Procedure

An effective auto glass replacement makes use of the right resins which are cured for a sufficient amount of time to ensure effectiveness of the repair. In the case of an auto glass replacement, the technician will have to ensure that the seal and fit of the new auto glass match the original. The old auto glass should be removed without damaging the pinch weld panel, adhesive was properly applied, and the glass placed with the right amount of pressure to ensure the best fit. After the auto glass replacement, make sure that the small fragments of the damaged glass were completely removed.

Don’t Wash the Glass

Avoid washing the auto glass 24 hours prior to, and after the replacement. This will prevent stress breaks that result from fluctuations in temperature and moisture on the glass, ultimately leading to damage. But if you’re driving around Mississauga after the auto glass replacement, and you’re met with gentle rain or moisture, the new auto glass should be able to handle it.

Working Wiper Blades

Old and torn wiper blades can cause scratches and streaks on your newly replaced auto glass, essentially shortening its usable life, so when getting an auto glass replacement, make sure to have old wiper blades replaced as well.

Stay Off the Road

After getting an auto glass replacement, keep your car indoors at home in Mississauga for 24 hours. This gives the adhesive and resin enough time to cure, and increase their bond. Their full strength is achieved only after 24 hours, so make sure to keep your car off the roads for a while and allow the auto glass replacement to be effective in ensuring your long-term safety.

Don’t Cover Your Car

After the auto glass replacement, make sure to leave your car uncovered, and slightly open a window for 24 hours. This gets rid of air pressure building up inside the vehicle, which can cause leaks in the adhesive if not properly released.

Get the most use of your car’s auto glass replacement, and ensure your safety while driving in Mississauga. Book a professional auto glass replacement by calling us at 1-(877)-564-5331 or get a free quote online.