More about Auto Glass and Windshields

We have come to take certain items around us for granted due to their availability. One of these is glass. It can be found almost everywhere from bottles to television screens and your car. Glass is a combination of silicon dioxide (commonly known as sand) lime and potash. Specialize glass contains other materials but we are surrounded by the most common kind. The most common kinds of glass we interact with, annealed and tempered, are the same products that have been modified to serve specific purposes. Tempered glass is referred to as safety glass because it breaks into tiny blocks, instead of sharp-edged pieces which can inflict wounds and cut human flesh. This type of glass is used in the side windows and back glass on cars, as well as in commercial glass and windows which are larger than usual. If you need to replace your read, door or front auto glass and if you are located in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke, Toronto or anywhere else in the GTA click auto glass replacement Brampton.

Annealed glass is what windshields are made of. This is the same type of glass used in kitchens but it is laminated together with a strong piece of plastic and another piece of glass to create something called laminated safety glass. All three pieces are visible through the windshield. Only sharp objects such as a pointy hammer can break this glass. These are the most common tools criminals use. Tempered glass starts off like annealed glass but it undergoes tempering which makes it tough and resistant. After quick cooling, a compressed outer layer forms which puts stress on the glass, shattering into pieces on a powerful impact.

Glass is an interesting and morphing substance. It can be found in volcanic areas such as obsidian or melted for a glassblower. Looking through glass should remind us of its historically unique characteristics. If your vehicle needs a auto glass replacement Brampton.