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Spring Cleaning For Your Vehicle

After another season of winter, snow, and cold weather, mother nature has decided that we are once again worthy of some decent weather. The temperature gets warmer, the sun shines for longer, and people are spending more time enjoying the outdoors. However, with the dawn of every new spring season comes along the shedding of our winter habits, and the cleaning of our winter mess. For car owners, this means putting those snow brushes back in for storage, checking if you need auto glass replacement, and making sure your vehicle is running smoothly.

During the winter months vehicles can encounter many problems, due to cold weather, freezing rain, and snowfall. It is just as important to check your car after a winter season, as it is to prepare for it beforehand. One problem could be the salt laid down by salt trucks on the road can damage your car’s paint. Another could be hail, freezing rain or debris on the road severely damaging your windshield possibly leading to auto glass replacement come spring time. These are all things to look out for once the snow begins to melt away.

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Below are 3 tips for cleaning your car once spring time comes along:

Wash And Wax

Scrape the road salt, mud, dust, debris and grime off your vehicle. This is really important in maintaining the paint on the exterior of your car. Take your car to a car wash, and finish off the wash with a car wax. This step is very important as it seals the paint, adds a shiny coat, and repels water beads eliminating troublesome water spots. As tempting as it is, don’t leave the first rainfall to wash your car for you!

Auto Glass Replacement

After a harsh winter, the mirror’s, windows, and front/back windshields can sustain quite a lot of damage. It is important to check all of the glass on your vehicle, including a sunroof, to ensure there are no cracks or chips. If you notice any cracks or chips, it is recommended that you bring your car in for auto glass replacement, to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Service Check

Spring is a great time to perform a quick inspection and general maintenance on your vehicle. Test to see if your headlights and taillights are in working order, and most importantly make sure your mechanic checks alignment since wintery bumpy roads and potholes can throw alignment off and cause premature wear.

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Why You Should Get That Windshield Crack Fixed

If you have a cracked windshield, why should you bother getting it repaired or replaced if it doesn’t seem like it needs to be fixed? Although your cracked windshield may seem perfectly functional, it is actually putting you and surrounding drivers at risk. Auto Glass Wizard can replace or repair your windshield because that harmless crack may be much more deadly than you think.

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With the way windshields are designed, they are meant to never fully shatter, at least the first time. At first glance, a windshield looks like one big piece of glass, but there are actually 3 layers to a windshield, including two outer sheets of glass and a layer of vinyl resin in between. This design prevents dangerous glass shards from flying on impact, as the vinyl resin keeps the glass pieces from shooting outwards or inwards.

If the vinyl resin layer is cracked, then the structure of your windshield has been compromised and you should get it repaired immediately. If you were to get in another collision with an already compromised windshield, the resin will not be strong enough to protect you from the glass shattering inside the vehicle..

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off a Windshield Repair

On top of the safety risks that driving with a crack in your windshield poses, the crack can also become much worse on it’s own. If you leave a tiny crack in your windshield alone for a few days, or even just a few hours, it can spread and grow much longer which would result in an increase of the repair costs.

There are many factors that can cause a crack to spread, because windshields have multiple layers, elements like moisture or dirt can easily seep in between the layers and further weaken the windshield. If the temperature were to drop below 0℃, any moisture in the crack will freeze and expand, creating more cracks.

The temperature itself can make windshield cracks worse, considerably hot or cold temperatures can cause cracks, but if there were to be a dramatic temperature difference between the two sides of the windshield, even more pressure will be put onto your already damaged windshield.

This can easily be caused by blasting the heat on a cold winter day, or blasting your AC on a hot summer day.  Temporary fixes can be made by sealing the crack with a repair kit, tape, or any seal that will not contaminate the crack, but a professional repair is still necessary.

Even if you think that tiny chip or crack in your windshield does not need to be fixed, it’s always best to have it looked at by a professional. Don’t let a small repairable chip in your windshield turn into a full on-replacement.

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Benefits Of Auto Glass Mirror Replacement

One of, if not the most commonly damaged car parts are the side mirrors. You drive too close to a parked vehicle or don’t quite miss a speeding vehicle and your mirror is likely to take the brunt of the impact and end up smashed to bits, or dangling off the side of your car. Reliable auto glass mirror replacement can be hard to find in Brampton, but you can trust the experts at Wizard Auto Glass.

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Replacing A Side Mirror

While you might be able to find other more inexpensive mirrors for lower prices than original manufacturer parts, that isn’t usually what your dealership or mechanic is going to use. The cost of the part will vary depending on the type of mirror your vehicle’s manufacturer uses. The process doesn’t take long, but some vehicles will require that part of the door be taken apart to install the mirror. When it comes to auto glass mirror replacement, It all depends on your vehicle make.

It may seem like a small part of the car, but there are a lot of components that go into making your mirror look great on your vehicle and functional as well. You may end up paying far more than you expected when it comes time to replace it, but in the long run it will improve the safety of your car.

Benefits of Side Mirror Replacement

You can’t  drive safely without a side mirror, it simply isn’t possible. Your side mirrors allow you to see when vehicles are coming up behind you and when it is safe to change lanes. It is essential to have both side mirrors in working condition for your safety on the road.

Replacing a broken side mirror is important, because it prevents further problems in the future. Due to the glass side mirrors are made of, if they get a crack or have another issue, and you decide repair it as opposed to replacing it, there is a risk that the damage or issue may flare up again, just when you need it most.

For fast, quick and reliable service, Wizard Auto Glass can come to you. The hassle of having to take time off work or out of your day to drive to a repair shop is no longer; we come to you! If something happens to your side mirror or windshield, you can rest easy knowing that a professional auto glass technician will be coming to your home. Our mobile technicians bring all the necessary equipment and tools and can handle any kind of auto glass damage.

For your own safety, and the safety of your passengers, it is always best to replace a side mirror rather than to try and repair it. Auto glass side mirror replacement will greatly improve your safety.

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Know Your Windshield: 5 Facts

Auto glass replacement is one of the biggest insurance claims in North America. Almost 40% of auto glass insurance claims are replacements. Cracks and chips account for around 70% of these windshield replacement claims. The edge is the weakest part of the windshield and fractures more easily than the rest of the windshield, which is why the most cracks occur in that area.

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When objects, such as a pebble hits this area during its normal, intended and foreseeable use, it can cause a pinhead size fracture and the fracture has the potential grow into a crack over six inches in length, which in turn can become a major problem.

There is simple and inexpensive technology on the market to both repair and prevent these cracks, which is being boycotted by the insurance and auto glass manufacturers who are in control of the windshield claims processing.

5 facts about windshields

1. Around 75% of cracked/replacement windshields are edge cracked with an impact point less than two inches from the edge where there is a manufacturing defect in the glass.

2. A protective two-inch coating around the perimeter, covering the defective area, known, as Edgeguard would eliminate edge cracks and thereby eliminate most auto glass replacements.

3. The defective perimeter totals around 15% of the windshield surface but is a non-viewing area with 80% of the defective area in the black frit area.

4. The frit, which is intentionally black, enhances the defect by causing temperature variance and heat expansion, which increases sensitivity, severity and length of crack.

5. Crack repairs are around 65% immediate and 100% effect savings from a replacement. Ten crack repairs saves ten replacements.

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Windshield Repair Cost

Windshield repair cost is generally between $20 – $325. This price range reflects the differences in by vehicle type and whether the repair is for the front or rear windshield. If It is a full replacement, it will cost more than just a repair… much more.

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Windshield Replacement

The replacement of the front windshield glass is the most expensive repair, averaging $300 for all vehicle types.The replacement of a windshield may have additional costs, depending on the type of vehicle. Vehicles with special molding requirements will add up to $20 to the cost of repair. If the windshield has wipers attached, may result in another $10 to $20 increase in the windshield repair cost. Different auto shops charge different amounts for these factors. It is always best to get a second opinion from a trusted mechanic at a reputable shop like us here at Wizard Auto Glass.  

Chips and Cracks

Chips and cracks occur when debris, such as gravel, hits the windshield, leaving a mark. This is not something to be too worried about, as most chips and cracks can be easily repaired, but it is better to get it done as soon as possible. Waiting could result in further damage, and it may require full replacement.

You run a fingernail across the surface of the crack and it is caught, this requires the repair to be performed by an auto glass repair shop. This repair will cost between $20 and $60. A mobile service is around $55. The cost to repair a chip or crack is on a per incident basis – that is you will pay for every crack or chip.

The size of the crack will also determine the cost. Chips or cracks that are up to a foot in length will cost around $50 to $60 to repair. Those chips and cracks that are between one and two feet in length will cost somewhere between $60 to $70 to repair.

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Repair Or Replace?

Whether your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced depends on the size, location and extent of the damage. The majority of auto glass repair shops can repair chips and cracks up to three inches long. Anything bigger and most places will recommend replacement. The auto glass repair cost, and/or replacement relies on many different factors. It is important to know this information so that you are prepared to deal with all kinds of different situations, if something ever happens to you. Getting a quote from a reputable repair shop like Wizard Auto Glass should be your first step. Also, there are some repair shops that use a unique method that allows them to repair cracks up to 12 inches long. So it pays to check around before committing a windshield replacement.

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Location of the damage plays an important role in determining your auto glass repair cost or replacement cost. Chips and cracks at the edge of the windshield tend to spread very quickly and can compromise the structural integrity of the glass. If they’re caught in time, they can be repaired, and replacement can be avoided. But in most cases, even though it is more costly, it is usually recommended to do a full replacement. Also be aware that some facilities may not repair a chip that appears directly in the driver’s line of vision.

Regardless of the size and location of a chip or crack, it is always recommended to have it repaired quickly. If you wait some time to repair it, dirt can work its way into the damaged area, affecting the effectiveness and clarity of the repair.


To do a full windshield replacement will cost considerably more and varies greatly depending on the vehicle. However, if your windshield is in genuine need of replacement don’t cheap out, REPLACE IT, for safety’s sake. A heavily damaged windshield is highly unsafe. Auto glass repair cost is pretty standard in the industry. Repairing a single rock chip costs around $40-$50 for the first chip, then usually $10 extra for each additional chip. The cost to repair most cracks is about the same. However, if the crack is longer than three inches, it may require special treatment. For a long crack that requires special treatment, a repair shop might charge about $70 to repair a six- to twelve-inch windshield crack.

Have a qualified glass specialist carefully examine your windshield, and give you a second opinion before making any decisions. Also remember to check with your insurance agent to confirm the terms of your coverage before committing to any windshield work.

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How to Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading

You’re driving along when you notice a small crack in your windshield. You might be thinking, “it’s so small, I don’t need to worry about it.” Unfortunately, that’s not the case; a small crack can easily turn into a large one, especially in the winter. The larger the crack gets, the more likely it is that the windshield will shatter. There are some easy ways to stop your windshield crack from spreading. Keep reading to find out how.

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How to Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading

Use a glass repair kit: these can be found in stores that sell car repair tools and parts. The kits can be used as a temporary option until you have time to get your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop. You should never just assume that because you used the kit you don’t have to take your car in for a professional repair.

Park in the shade: parking in the shade, or better yet indoors, helps to reduce the effects of the elements on the crack on your windshield. Elements such as rain, snow, wind, and even the sun can cause the crack on your windshield to grow. By parking in the shade you can avoid the sun, though not always other elements, which is why indoors is preferred.

Get it professionally repaired: The best way to stop a windshield crack from getting bigger is to take it for a professional repair. Places like Wizard Auto Glass are able to repair the cracks in the glass, rather than having to replace the entire windshield. This can only be done if the crack is relatively small; if the crack is less than a few inches, then they can easily (and affordably) be repaired, but if they exceed 2 inches, then repair will be out of the question and you’ll need a windshield replacement instead.

You should take your car in for a windshield repair right away. When the damage is already there, it extremely easy for it to grow. Not only will this ensure that you need a replacement, but it also puts you and your passengers at risk. If you get into an accident, or too much pressure is applied to the damaged windshield, it can shatter injuring everyone inside.  

Use nail polish: If the cracks in your windshield are small enough, you can use a clear nail polish to try and seal the crack temporarily. Simply apply a few coats of the polish and let dry; it is recommended that you coat both sides of the glass because the crack can spread on the interior of the windshield as well. Remember, this is another temporary fixed; the only real fix for a windshield crack is to get it repaired by a professional technician.

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Tips To Prevent Windshield Cracks

While those pesky chips in your windshield might appear to be no more than a minor annoyance, you should never put off getting a windshield chip repaired. Repairing small chips is often simple and affordable, but an unrepaired chip can easily become larger and cause your windshield to crack. If this occurs then the damage becomes too great and the windshield cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced. As you can imagine, windshield replacement is much more expensive than a windshield repair. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help prevent chips. Keep reading below to find out how.

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Tips to Prevent Windshield Chips

While accidents happen, there are a few things you can do to prevent windshield chips, simply by adjusting your driving and maintenance. These include things such as:

Keep your distance from big trucks: One of the easiest ways to get a windshield chip is by following too closely to big construction or dump trucks. Usually, these trucks are carrying parts that can easily break off and send small pieces flying off the back of the truck. If you are close behind the truck, the pieces are likely to hit your car and cause a chip in your windshield, or other damage.

Don’t tailgate: Another easy way to get a chip in your windshield is by tailgating. The back tires of cars can kick up little rocks or sand particles from the road and send them flying, especially if they are traveling at a high speed. Driving too close to the car in front of you puts you at risk for getting hit by those rocks and particles. If they hit the windshield of your car hard enough, or at the right angle, you will get a chip in your windshield.

Choose parking carefully: If you can, you should avoid parking your car on the side of the road. Instead, opt for a parking lot, garage, or private driveway. This way, other cars won’t be speeding past your parked car and sending rocks towards your windshield.

Don’t forget your wipers: You should also be checking your windshield wipers on a regular basis. Windshield wipers that have tears or cracks, or are bent or broken, can create a windshield chip.

Plastic scrapers: You should only use plastic ice scrapers, as metal ones can scratch your windshield.

Check the windshield: You should be regularly checking your windshield for any small chips and cracks. Sometimes they can be hard to spot if you are not looking for them.

Removing ice: Never use hot water to thaw ice from the windshield. This will cause any chips to instantly crack your windshield. Instead, let your car heat up for a bit and then try removing the ice.

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Information and Tips for Filing A Car Insurance Claim

Getting into a car accident is not only scary, it can be expensive too, especially if anyone is hurt or your car is damaged. When your car is damaged in an accident, or by a non-accident-related event (i.e. damage from a storm, a rock cracking your windshield) you may be able to get insurance coverage to help pay for the repairs. For example, if you need a windshield repair, but want to keep the cost down, a claim can help to cut some of the costs, keeping more money in your pocket.

To get this coverage you will need to file a car insurance claim. This can be a long and frustrating process, but not to worry! At Wizard Auto Glass, we have years of experience dealing with insurance claims. Keep reading for some information, tips, and a general rundown of a claim is filed. Need help with filing your claim? We’re more than happy to assist you! We’ll even talk to your insurance company for you. Call (877) 564-5331 to learn more.

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When to File a Car Insurance Claim

You should always contact your insurance provider as soon as you can following an accident. You are eligible for filing an insurance claim on your vehicle if it has been damaged from a non-accident-related event, vandalized, or stolen. If you are not at fault for the accident you will most likely be covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance.

What Information is Needed?

When you go to call your insurance company you will need to make sure that you having the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your driver’s license and license plate numbers
  • Your policy number
  • The start and end dates of your policy
  • The time and date of the accident
  • The names, phone numbers, and addresses of any other drivers, passengers, and witnesses involved
  • The driver’s license and license plate number for all drivers involved in the accident

You should also take notes and pictures of the scene following the incident. This can include pictures or notes documenting the damage to the vehicles, notes about what the weather was like at the time of the accident, what time of day the accident occurred, and any bodily harm that occurred during the accident.

How the Claim Process Works

The first thing you need to do is to contact your insurance provider and let your account representative know about the accident. You will then either meet with your representative in person or talk to them over the phone (in some cases both may be required) to discuss your situation and what coverage you are eligible for. Your representative will evaluate your claim, including inspecting your car and examining evidence of any property or injury claims. The representative will then determine a resolution to the case, and payments will be given if you are covered.

Need help with the insurance claim process? At Wizard Auto Glass in Oakville we have years of experience dealing with insurance claims. We’ll even talk to your insurance company for you! Call (877) 564-5331 to learn more.

How to Remove Ice From A Windshield Without Scraping

Many car owners know too well how aggravating it can be to walk outside on a chilly winter morning to find a layer of snow or ice on your car’s windshield. Snow is easy enough to remove, as you just sweep it off with a snow brush, but ice can be tricky, and scraping takes a lot of time. If there is a crack or chip on your windshield, putting pressure on the glass can cause the damage to spread. Luckily, there are a few simple methods you can use to de-ice your windshield without having to scrape it. Keep reading to find out how.

If you have a large crack in your windshield, and water, ice, or snow manages to get into the crack, it can cause the crack to grow, or it can shatter the windshield. To avoid this, it is best to get your windshield replaced. If you aren’t sure where to replace a windshield in Oakville, Wizard Auto Glass has years of experience, and will replace your windshield, quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable rate.

Ways to Remove Ice from A Windshield

Remote Start System: Most cars manufactured in the last couple of years already come with a remote start system. Basically what this does is starts your car by simply hitting a button. Using this feature in the winter will help to warm your car up while you are getting ready to go, and will help to melt the ice off of your windshield for you. Then when you go outside, you can use either your windshield wipers or a snow brush to remove the last bits of snow or ice. If your car doesn’t come equipped with an automatic start system, you can buy one and have it installed, but it can be pricey. You can also run outside to turn your car on yourself and just leave it running for the same effect.

Cover: One way to reduce the need for scraping is to prevent the ice or snow from forming on the windshield. This is done by securing a cover over top of the windshield, such as a tarp, a large towel, or a sheet. This way, the snow will fall onto the cover instead of the glass. In the morning, all you need to do is shake off the cover. If some frost has formed underneath, letting your car warm up for a few minutes should be enough to remove it.

Rubbing Alcohol: If you have a thick layer of ice on your windshield, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time scraping, you can thaw it with a simple rubbing alcohol solution. Take a bottle with a spray cap, and fill it with ⅓ rubbing alcohol and ⅔ lukewarm water and few drops of dish soap. Do not use hot water, as this can shatter your windshield due to the extreme contrasting temperatures. Spray the mixture all over the windshield and wipe it away with a squeegee. The rubbing alcohol will help to dissolve the ice quickly. Add more of the mixture as needed.

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