Spring Cleaning For Your Vehicle

After another season of winter, snow, and cold weather, mother nature has decided that we are once again worthy of some decent weather. The temperature gets warmer, the sun shines for longer, and people are spending more time enjoying the outdoors. However, with the dawn of every new spring season comes along the shedding of our winter habits, and the cleaning of our winter mess. For car owners, this means putting those snow brushes back in for storage, checking if you need auto glass replacement, and making sure your vehicle is running smoothly.

During the winter months vehicles can encounter many problems, due to cold weather, freezing rain, and snowfall. It is just as important to check your car after a winter season, as it is to prepare for it beforehand. One problem could be the salt laid down by salt trucks on the road can damage your car’s paint. Another could be hail, freezing rain or debris on the road severely damaging your windshield possibly leading to auto glass replacement come spring time. These are all things to look out for once the snow begins to melt away.

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Below are 3 tips for cleaning your car once spring time comes along:

Wash And Wax

Scrape the road salt, mud, dust, debris and grime off your vehicle. This is really important in maintaining the paint on the exterior of your car. Take your car to a car wash, and finish off the wash with a car wax. This step is very important as it seals the paint, adds a shiny coat, and repels water beads eliminating troublesome water spots. As tempting as it is, don’t leave the first rainfall to wash your car for you!

Auto Glass Replacement

After a harsh winter, the mirror’s, windows, and front/back windshields can sustain quite a lot of damage. It is important to check all of the glass on your vehicle, including a sunroof, to ensure there are no cracks or chips. If you notice any cracks or chips, it is recommended that you bring your car in for auto glass replacement, to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

Service Check

Spring is a great time to perform a quick inspection and general maintenance on your vehicle. Test to see if your headlights and taillights are in working order, and most importantly make sure your mechanic checks alignment since wintery bumpy roads and potholes can throw alignment off and cause premature wear.

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