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Why choose Auto Glass Repair Over Autoglass Replacement

A lot of people wait for the very last second to get their windshield fixed. At first, the crack seems small, so the driver thinks to himself, “Who cares? Its only a small chip”. Then the crack expands, and then the driver is in trouble. It will impair his vision while he’s driving, and also the repair costs would double because the chip has been bigger. If it gets much bigger, replacement would be the only option. For auto glass replacement information and solutions go to auto glass replacement Mississauga.. This auto glass repair and replacement shop serves Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Toronto and surrounding GTA. Autoglass Wizard also specializes in auto glass repair, so if you want more professional information on auto glass repair in Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, or Oakville go to auto glass replacement Mississauga..

However, when you get a chip in your windshield, you may want to feel 100% secure, so you go for the windshield replacement. However, here are some reasons why you should get a repair instead of replacement.

Your original factory windshield is supposed to protect you from water leaks when storms happen, and they have air bag and roof support in case an accident happens. When you repair your windshield, these settings remain, but when you replace your windshield, the settings would go then. A lot of times, these settings are not available.

Most of the windshield cracks and chips can be repaired. There is the rare case when repair would seem futile, so they go for the replacement. Technology has grown a lot that it can almost repair each crack and chip. People instead go for the replacement because they want to be secure, and that’s great, but repair not only fixes the cracks, but it saves you a lot of money.

Repairing windshields is also eco friendly, because when you replace your windshield, the old windshield goes to the landfill, because it can’t be recycled. The windshields are made up of plastic, and only a few plants recycle plastic because the process is too expensive.

And if these reasons do not motivate you to repair instead your auto glass instead of replacing it, then the following might encourage you to do it: windshield repair simply costs way less than windshield replacement and can accomplish a very similar outcome, so if you can do repair why do replacement? If you live in the GTA including Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Etobicoke or Toronto and want a great price on auto glass repair click auto glass replacement Mississauga., if you have a serious crack which has spread across your whole windshield a replacement will most likely be necessary, so get it replaced for cheap, by going to Autoglass Wizard. For more info on windshield or auto glass replacement go to auto glass replacement Mississauga..

Which Auto Glass is the Best

Current auto glass comes with new aesthetics and safer features than ever before. It is used in multiple places such as car windshields, exotic interiors and reinforced exteriors. It is even possible to implement this glass into your own home.

Two of the most known types of glass are laminated and tempered. The laminated glass is most often found in the windshield of your car, where two layers of glass are laminated to a sheet of vinyl in the centre. In the case of a crack or severe damage, the lamination keeps the glass together to avoid further problems. Tempered glass on the other hands goes through a more intensive process to straighten itself and become more rigid. It is heated up almost to its boiling point and then satisfied with a certain amount of air flow to create this tempering effect. This type of glass can be found commercially on exterior buildings but using it in your home could create a new atmosphere.

The structural safety of auto glass is an important feature to keep in mind, especially in your vehicle. In the case of an accident, your vehicle’s occupants are safe from any glass splinter injuries. It is highly advised to perform authorized maintenance on your auto glass from certified technicians because your safety is in their hands. A survey carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shown that there were over 300,000 vehicles involved in rollover crashes in the U.S. in 2002. This is why having secure auto glass can minimize your injuries and risks. If you need auto glass repair or replacement and if you are located in the GTA, including Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Etobicoke, or Toronto visit Wizard Autoglass, which is a specialty auto glass shop located in Mississauga, minutes from Etobicoke, North York and Toronto, they have great prices on replacement and repair jobs and are very fast. For more information on auto glass repair go to auto glass replacement Mississauga., or if you want replacement work go to auto glass replacement Mississauga.. You can also get a free auto glass repair or replacement quote on their auto glass site.

In the case of any damage done to your windshield, you should weigh your repair options accordingly. It is usually 75% more expensive to replace your entire windshield instead of just fixing a chip or a crack. Your security is more important than a few dollars saved, so do not compromise, get a complete replacement if necessary, as advised by a technician.

Auto Glass and Vehicle Security

There are a lot of times that people’s cars have been stolen. The thief then changes the appearance of the car, and then the authorities can’t figure out who is the thief. However, you can be prepared if you get stuck in this situation. You can litter your car with all sorts of gadgets (alarms, small security cameras, etc), but here’s an easier way the authorities can detect your car.

You can etch your auto glass with traceable numbers so the authorities can find your car. This is a process that is recommended by everyone, from NCIB and police departments. Etch a number which you can remember, so when your car gets stolen, people can still recognize it. It is recommended that the driver etches his glass with a professional, but if you are experienced, then you can buy a kit and do it yourself. The front windshield, and the side and rear windows are popular places to etch your numbers. Thieves usually check if there’s any etching or alarm systems before they hack a vehicle, just to be safe.

Here’s how you can etch your car if you have bought a do-it-yourself kit. First, clean the area which will be etched by clearing the blue stencils from the white backing paper and then rubbing it in the desired locations of the auto glass (windshield, front door, back door, or rear auto glass). Then etch the numbers, and afterwards put a film of etch cream, covering all characters. When that is done, leave the etching for about five minutes, and then carefully throw the stencils while wiping the cream off by first spraying water or glass cleaner, and the rub it with a dry paper towel. Do this to all auto glass where the etching has been done. To feel more secure, apply it inside the auto glass too. Finally, put on a Proof of Etch certificate to scare away the thief if he did not notice the etchings.

It is also important to make sure that your windshield or other auto glass is not cracked or chipped because this can make your car more attractive to a car thief. It is much easier to break auto glass that is cracked and has not been repaired or replaced than auto glass that is not cracked. Therefore, to reduce the probability of someone breaking into your vehicle make sure that any windshield chips, or cracks have been repaired at your local auto glass repair and replacement shop. Wizard Autoglass offers great prices on quality repair and replacement jobs. Please visit them online for more details. For auto glass repair – auto glass replacement Mississauga., for auto glass replacement – auto glass replacement Mississauga..

Auto Glass Replacement Tips

Windshield replacing is a technically sensitive feature. Manufacturers of vehicles ensure that the windshield provides the essential safety components’ as per the standards. Among other, some most important standards pertain to various functions of the windshield especially during a collision. Some of these standards are compliance with penetration resistance, occupant protection and windshield retention. Another important standard is the support by the windshield, if a vehicle rolls over. Moreover, the windshield should be strong enough to maintain passenger safety if the air bag blows up. However, when a windshield is replaced, adhering to the above standards can help to keep the safety expectation features intact. The job requires technical expertise. Therefore, it is always wise to get this vital service done through professionally licensed and trained technicians. Preferably, those that are already manufacturers of vehicles and are thus in a position to know the technicalities involved in the task and therefore quality assurance is warranted too. Autoglass Wizard is a local shop in Mississauga on the border of Brampton, and they  specialize in auto glass repair and replacement services and service Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Oakville and Etobicoke. If you want to learn more about their professional and affordable services click on auto glass replacement Mississauga., or if you are interested in repair go to auto glass replacement Mississauga. Secondly, the bonding material used as adhesive must meet the standards of urethane adhesive system that is originally applied by the manufacturer. Furthermore, replaced parts should be of the manufacturer specifications. Last but not the least, the vehicle should not hit the road, unless until the adhesive completely dries up. Failure to follow this instruction may cause whistling sounds, leaking of water and in worst conditions even stress cracks in the windshield. On the contrary, windshield replacements done otherwise can pose serious threats to the driver and passenger safety. It must be taken into account that at all costs whenever, windshields are being replaced they are done as close to the original specifications of the manufacturer for optimum safety standards.

Are All Windshield and Auto Glass Repair Shops the Same?

Each windshield shop is different from each other. Yes, they are the same in terms of their trade, but a lot of things make two auto glass shops very different from each other. And that may make the difference between a good windshield repair or replacement and a horrible one. A lot of people make the mistake of entering the wrong auto glass repair and replacement shop, and when an accident occurs, or when a projectile hits the windshield, the windshield shatters, and the driver can’t blame the auto glass repair and replacement shop because there would be no proof remaining that the job was done bad.

The price for an average chip repair should be below $100. This price should include repair and service. If any auto glass repair and replacement shop charges you above a hundred dollars, then you should consider alternatives, unless you have some serious damage on your auto glass. Wizard Auto glass offers auto glass replacement Mississauga. so if you are in Mississauga or in Brampton, Wizard Autoglass is very near you. You can visit their website by going to auto glass replacement Mississauga..

Experience is the factor that decides what kind of windshield repair you will get. If you go to a shop which has the fanciest advertisements but little to no experience, then that can be the factor on how safe you would be when an accident occurs. People often go to car washes and auto detail shops to fix their windshields, but they have little experience in repairing a windshield. Go to an auto glass shop which has a good reputation and whose staff is experienced.

Service is now better thanks to huge competition between auto glass shops. In bigger cities, there may be five auto shops in a fifty mile radius. So if you live in a big city, you may not need to worry about service. But if you live in a small town, where there are only two auto glass shops in town, then you may have to worry about the service. If you live in a huge city, go to the shop which offers the most perks.

Finally, you should also worry about quality of work. This hugely relates to experience, because the more experienced the staff is, the better quality the finished product would be. So if you find the shop which offers the least price and the most perks, but the experience is not there, then keep searching for the one that does.

Auto Glass Replacement & Windshield Repair: Dealing With Weather Related Damages

Repairing windshields is not a top priority for most people unless a crazy hail storm hits during the day or overnight. After many hail storms, cars are commonly damaged by rain, hail or wind blowing items into your car. The question is what should be done when something needs repair?

First on the list is checking whether or not you have storm damage coverage with your insurance company. By taking this route, you may be saving some money while these claims will not hurt your insurance cost. You are legally allowed to choose whomever you would like to work on your vehicle based on some research done before sending your car in. Wizard Auto Glass is a local auto glass repair and replacement shop located in Mississauga. This specialized and experienced shop serves Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Toronto and any other cities in the GTA. You can read more info on their auto glass repair services by going to auto glass replacement Brampton., or if you are interested in replacement click auto glass replacement Brampton.

Another option to consider is whether or not replacing the windshield or fixing the chips best suits your needs. Windshield repair and replacement can only be done at a specialty shop while body work can be done almost anywhere. According to the law, if the damage is in the line of sight of the driver, replacing the windshield is the only option. This area can be identified as the area in front of the driver, usually the size of a regular paper.

The last step is to research and discover an auto glass shop nearby which provides quality repairs for your vehicle. Get free estimates, (try this one, auto glass replacement Brampton.) ask your friends and read online reviews to get a better perspective on the available repair shops. Remember that auto glass replacement requires professional work to be done and waiting longer will only cause more damage. Invest your time in finding a shop that is worthy of your business. Having a good windshield will protect your car’s occupants from accidents in certain conditions while ensuring your comfort in your own vehicle. It is tremendously important to have a high-quality windshield to keep your cars integrity at its best.

Auto Glass Tinting

Auto glass tinting is very helpful because it defends you against the glare of the sun. The sun’s glare can impair your vision while you are driving, so the tinting helps you see better even if the sun is directly in your eyes. Also, it prevents you from being sunburned when you are driving under the hot sun, which is good for your skin and your health. Auto glass tinting also makes your car look attractive, and it helps boost the selling price which will be beneficial if you decide to sell your car.

However, unlike repairing minor windshield cracks, tinting should always be done by professionals. There are tinting kits in stores, but if you do something wrong, the tinting starts to peel and bubble, and that will impair your driving even more, while making your car look unattractive. It takes special tools to tint the car. Sometimes people complain that they can’t tint the rear windows because of its shape. Also, you should wipe the windows after you have done tinting the car. If you don’t wipe all the auto glass correctly, the tinting will start to peel off and the surface of the tinting film will be uneven. The professionals use a special soap solution which they put in the car’s windows before they start putting the film. The good thing about doing your auto glass tinting with professionals is that you get a warranty, so if anything goes wrong you can bring your car back and they will fix any problems at no cost.

In each country, there are regulations on how much tinting is allowed on a vehicle. So you need to be careful and check the tinting regulations in your province so that you do not get in trouble by police after you tinted your auto glass too much.

If you want a professional to tint your auto glass you can go to These professionals can do auto glass replacement Brampton. If you don’t need any repair or replacement they can tint your auto glass professionally. Autoglass Wizard serves Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Etobicoke and Toronto, so if you live in any of these areas come visit this great auto glass replacement Brampton.

More about Auto Glass and Windshields

We have come to take certain items around us for granted due to their availability. One of these is glass. It can be found almost everywhere from bottles to television screens and your car. Glass is a combination of silicon dioxide (commonly known as sand) lime and potash. Specialize glass contains other materials but we are surrounded by the most common kind. The most common kinds of glass we interact with, annealed and tempered, are the same products that have been modified to serve specific purposes. Tempered glass is referred to as safety glass because it breaks into tiny blocks, instead of sharp-edged pieces which can inflict wounds and cut human flesh. This type of glass is used in the side windows and back glass on cars, as well as in commercial glass and windows which are larger than usual. If you need to replace your read, door or front auto glass and if you are located in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke, Toronto or anywhere else in the GTA click auto glass replacement Brampton.

Annealed glass is what windshields are made of. This is the same type of glass used in kitchens but it is laminated together with a strong piece of plastic and another piece of glass to create something called laminated safety glass. All three pieces are visible through the windshield. Only sharp objects such as a pointy hammer can break this glass. These are the most common tools criminals use. Tempered glass starts off like annealed glass but it undergoes tempering which makes it tough and resistant. After quick cooling, a compressed outer layer forms which puts stress on the glass, shattering into pieces on a powerful impact.

Glass is an interesting and morphing substance. It can be found in volcanic areas such as obsidian or melted for a glassblower. Looking through glass should remind us of its historically unique characteristics. If your vehicle needs a auto glass replacement Brampton.

Different Options When it Comes to Auto Glass

After your windshield has been damaged, such as from an accident or a projectile hitting your windshield, you have to choose between repair and replacement. Today’s windshields are designed to be repairable. Also, injections containing resins are applied where the cracks in the windshield are.

Some cracks can be easily repaired, while others are difficult, and have to be repaired fast or they may result in  damaging your windshield at a faster rate than you may imagine. Let’s say that there are several cracks on the edges. If those cracks are not repaired fast, the cracks will weaken your windshield, and they will start spreading faster as time progresses. The presence of these cracks will effect your vision and focus while driving making your experience more dangerous and unpleasant. The windshield is the eyes to your vehicle and it is very important to make sure you can see properly. If you wear glasses and they were to crack do you think you would just deal with the cracks or would you go and get them repaired? I am sure it would be the latter.

However, there are also cracks which cannot be repaired. In most cases cracks that are less than 12 inches, should not be problematic to repair. However, for cracks exceeding 12 inches, replacement is the mostly the only option.

Repair can also save you money. Your insurance company won’t pay the entire bill for the replacement, but it will pay the entire costs for repairs.

The price for windshield repair depends on how big the crack is. So you should first consult a glass consultant, and he would be able to tell you what the best option is.

If you live in Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Etobicoke or Brampton Autoglass Wizard is a great repair and replacement shop to visit. You can start of by visiting their website if you need windshield replacement you can visit their auto glass replacement page by going to auto glass replacement Brampton..

Auto Glass Stores are There for You

The windshield is one part of your car that is most prone to damage, because it can be hit by any projectiles that are evident and in many cases common on highways and roads. Now, if this happens to you,  you would rather go to a professional auto glass store and have professionals fix it up for you. That way,  you can be assured that there will be no errors that can usually occur if you try to tackle a broken windshield or auto glass yourself.

However, this does not mean that you can not fix windshield crack by yourself, you can. Autogalss repair kits are three times cheaper than fixing your windshield with professional help, and in many cases it will take you only a few minutes.

If you have no experience in fixing auto glass or windshield cracks, you can still go to any auto glass repair shop and get tips from there, a good auto glass repair and replacement provider should be there to help you even if it means no money for them. You can just talk to one of their sales representatives and they can give you information on how to fix your windshield or cracked auto glass. Also, it will take you less time, because if you go to an autoglass store, they might take your car for more than a day.

Wizard Autoglass is an auto glass repair and replacement shop which can give you some useful advice: auto glass repair Mississauga
If you can’t fix the auto glass crack yourself they can do it for you at a great price, visit their site for details: auto glass replacement Mississauga
If you are located in Etobicoke, Brampton, Oakville, Toronto or anywhere else in the GTA come visit this great auto glass repair and replacement shop

Finally, you can fix your own windshield if there are any cracks in it. All it takes is an autoglass kit. You then put some stuff on the car and then pump in glass resin. The resin will go inside the cracks and then solidify it, and it will make the crack invisible. After you have pumped in resin, then you leave the crack where there is direct sunlight, and you make the ultraviolet rays dry up the resin. This method is way better than paying more than $30 to professionals when you can do all this by yourself  for roughly $10.