Mustang Sunroof – Auto Glass Repair Brampton

This is just an update for all you Mustang lovers. One of Ford’s most famous cars, the Mustang, will have a makeover starting late 2008. To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Ford Company, the 2009 Ford Mustang will have a new feature which would include a glass sun roof.

Now, to some people, a new glass roof top may not be such a huge deal but to real Mustand fans this may make a huge difference. You can finally stick your head and hands out the sun roof and enjoy your ride even more. We know that it’s not like the customers will want the Ford Mustang because it has a glass roof, but it will definitely add even more value through an even cooler, sportier look. The Ford Company, however, designed this model to address some complaints that they want more natural light in their car while they are driving. This model will be called the Ford Glass Roof Mustang. If you own a Mustang and you have a cracked, chipped or shattered windshield or any other auto glass, bring your car to Autoglass Wizard and our auto glass repair and auto glass replacement professionals will fix your ride up in no time, all at an affordable and competitively low price. Click auto glass repair Brampton, or auto glass replacement Mississauga to read more about their auto glass repair and replacement services. Autoglass Wizard has extensive experience in auto glass repair in Brampton and surrounding Greater Toronto Area as well as windshield replacement. Their customers come from all over the GTA including Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Markham, North York, Toronto, Etobicoke, and even further away from Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara and other cities in Ontario. Autoglass Wizard is known for their great auto glass replacement and repair work so you will not regret that you choose Autoglass Wizard as your auto glass repair and windshield replacement shop.

Now back to the Mustang. Production of cars with sunroofs has increased by over 200%, so the vice president of Ford, said that they will keep their cars competitive with other manufacturers by adding other features to make their car look even better. He also wants the car to stand out from the competition by making the model better by increasing the performance and adding new features that will distinguish the car from other car manufacturers’ models.

The new glass roof may have an MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) of around $1995. This car will be cheaper than the convertible model, but the car would have the versatility and features of the convertible and the coupe. The glass would be made up of tinted privacy glass, which will help reduce infrared rays and vehicle cool down time by about fifty percent. The glass roof will also be driver controlled, so the driver chooses what kind of protection he wants against the sun. The glass will also protect the inner fabric and will block unnecessary noise.