What You should Know About your Auto Glass

Whenever the windshield has a crack or a chip on it, it is usually advised that you quickly change or replace it. That advice is very helpful, because we should not wait until the problem gets worse, such as when that crack lengthens, because then we would have to change the entire windshield, which costs way more than repairing it. Repairing your windshield or auto glass, lengthens the life of your windshield by slowing down or even stopping the crack from spreading further down your windshield or other auto glass on your vehicle.

However, most people don’t know some facts about their windshield. The windshield is so durable that when you buy a used car, you don’t need to worry about the windshield. The windshield can take a huge impact equaling more than half of the car’s roof when the car collides. Also, it can take the impact of an airbag, which comes up at roughly 250km/hour.

When it is time to repair your windshield or auto glass, make sure that you choose an auto glass repair and replacement company which has a lot of experience such as Wizard Autoglass. A lot of times a company incorrectly repairs the windshield, causing severe injuries or even death to the driver when the car is in an accident. When you repair or replace your windshield check what kind of urethane the company is using and make sure they don’t use butel, because this substance never hardens. Also, make sure that all moldings which are cracked or old are replaced. Additionally see if they chose the location which has the most damage, and if they are using gloves when they are repairing the windshield. Furthermore, the technician should see if the repair has been done properly and if it has been set into place. The glue used to repair the cracks would take up to 48 hours to dry completely. We hope some of this advice helps you make a better auto glass repair or replacement decision. For more information click auto glass Mississauga, or auto glass replacement Mississauga. Wizard Autoglass serves the Greater Toronto Area, so if you are located in any cities in or around the GTA such as Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, or Toronto don’t hesitate to choose Wizard Autoglass as your auto glass replacement or repair shop. If you don’t want to drive your vehicle to our shop, we can even come to you. For location specific Information click auto glass repair in Mississauga.