Windshield Protection

Premier defense windshield Protection Program is another venture into providing excellent service to forecast the service requirements of windshields. This program uses a very thin film of polyester to the windshield. This thin skin like sheet helps reduce the impact of the road hazards to the vehicle. This skin also acts to keep the windshield surface free of scratches; helps minimize the glare and UV stabilizers. Whoever uses this service is entitled to benefit from a multiyear no chip no crack limited warranty. This benefit promises the users of windshield replacement and installation of a new skin, if the windshield is damaged or is broken in the case of a collision. This windshield protection Program is offered through certified and trained dealers, available at automobile dealerships at point of sale within the concerned departments. Ask Autoglass Wizard about this program and if it can apply to your windshield. For more info click windshield replacement Mississauga. Autoglass Wizard offers top quality auto glass and windshield repair and replacement services and targets those living in the Greater Toronto Area, more specifically Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Etobicoke.