How Wizard Auto Glass can Save your Life

When glass shatters, every shard can be a weapon and is highly dangerous. If your windshield or auto glass needs repair or replacement, it should be done as soon as possible because either any piece of those shards can injure delicate parts of your body, such as your eyes and neck, or you can even swallow these. Not only are broken windshields dangerous because these may obstruct the driver’s field of vision towards the streets, but also any cracked or chipped window on your car will impair your vision and leave you with a blind spot.

How We Deal with Broken Windshields

Your windshield is held together with a vinyl resin and once this resin cracks, it can no longer withstand any impact, which can lead to an accident. It is also possible to get a ticket from the authorities if you’re caught driving a car with reduced visibility. Further, there’s a high chance of debris going in between the cracks which will ruin the windshield once it is repaired.

Replacing your windshield because of a small crack is expensive, and seems like wasting a huge sum of money. Luckily, Wizard Auto Glass not only offers windshield and auto glass replacement, but expertly repairs cracks up to 5 inches long, costing much less than a total replacement. We do everything we can to repair your broken windshield, and if it is no longer viable, we offer efficient and cost-efficient windshield replacement.

We use only the most advanced windshield repair technology called NOVUS®, also known as the first company to have invented the concept of windshield repair. We offer a convenient way for customers to drop by our shop and have their vehicles repaired and restored to perfect condition in no time. We also always keep in stock auto glass and windshields from almost every brand and model to ensure the quickest and most efficient replacements.

Not only are we the lowest price guaranteed in the Brampton area and offer top quality and efficient service, but we also pay 100% of your insurance deductibles.

We provide service for over 40 types of cars, expertly backed by our 20+ years of experience. Our top quality service and expertise are supported by our knowledge in our field of work. We work with only the best quality products at the most efficient prices because we value every client’s opinions and always strive to provide an economical alternative to windshield replacement.

Who wouldn’t love an efficient service with plenty of deals and offers? Wizard Auto Glass is built to your best convenience.

So call us at (905) 5546-5330 for broken windshield emergencies or get a free online quote with no obligations.