Airplane Windshield Replacement

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Windshield repairs, replacement and accessing the extent of damage or faulty ones is a highly technical skill. Most of the time, it is observed that huge costs are encountered by the failure and incapability of the airline maintenance personal, to make timely or right decisions about this critical maintenance as such. Most of the times, unscheduled interruptions, or the notion to replace a windshield only until it falls, is a factor that is not only dangerous for the air safety, but also an expression of severe professional incompetence. In order to assist to reduce this practice, a Service Interruption Reduction Program has been introduced recently. The most important feature of this Program is to reduce the airline service disruption that is caused due to out of the blue removal of windshields and cockpits. This implies that the Program will identify well before time the service needs of the aircrafts. This will help to preplan and pre schedule the maintenance agenda. Rather than, attending to maintenance needs as they come up and create unnecessary delay of service as well as cost in the form of flight delay, flight switch over’s or even cancellations. Not to forget the impact on the consumer of this failed service. What requires to be appreciated is the fact that this Program is an effort to minimise any unforeseen maintenance needs with specific reference to windshields. It also monitors the aircrafts and conducts scheduled services, to maintain high levels of serviceability and safety of windshields. Moreover, the Program covers service taking into account the status of the aircrafts , develops a proposed schedule with mutual agreement on times and dates inspections are to be carried or where replacement to take place, and finally conducts training programs for the engineering personnel to be able to evaluate and access the windshield condition. This training is also helpful for the cockpit crew in the form of printed materials, through guide books to help them make educated decisions upon the windshield condition during emergencies. Some flight carriers are already taking advantage of this Program and find it extremely efficient and useful.